Blog goes down and I got a new job


So a few weeks ago my blog was attacked by a nasty little critter called a virus.

I’m not quite sure how I got it – But since then, the virus has been removed and the Cool Perspective is back in action.

Since the virus I have not written a post so let me give you a quick update: Mid-May, I was offered a job at a local ad-agency and accepted the offer to work as a Digital Guy at Colour.

The decision to take this new gig instead of being my own boss was definitely tough. I’ve been able to do some great work in the last few months working with my business partner Dave, but it’s time to take on something new.

Thanks to everyone who sent emails, tweets, dm’s, text messages, bbm’s and called to give their best wishes.

Anyways, I’m back, and so is the cool perspective! Stay tuned, we’ll have this show on the road once again…