Ross Simmonds boosts B2B & SaaS brands' organic growth with content marketing, SEO, and technology

Ross, recognized as a top marketer globally by publications including BuzzSumo and SEMRush, has received accolades such as the Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award. Named one of the Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada, he's featured in leading industry publications and mainstream media like Forbes, HuffPost, and CBC.

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Ross Simmonds

CEO & Founder

Ross Simmonds is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist who helps B2B & SaaS brands use content marketing, SEO, content distribution and technology to unlock new levels of organic growth. Ross and the team at Foundation has helped SaaS and B2B brands build content marketing engines that generate millions of visits a year, build content cultures that thrive against competitors and generate over $110M worth of new business.

Ross is the founder of Foundation Marketing, a B2B content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to support successful and ambitious software brands in the world. Foundation has works and has worked with brands like Canva, Procore, Unbounce, Jobber, Snowflake, Enboarder and more. He works with a team of content marketers, strategists, writers and more spread out all around the world. Foundation was found in 2014 and was intentionally created as a remote-first company built on the back of autonomy, transparency and intentional communication.

Ross is considered one of the leading experts in Content Distribution coining the phrase “Create once. Distribute forever”.

In addition to running Foundation Marketing; Ross is the founder of a wide range of different businesses including Hustle & Grind, an eCommerce brand described as the voice of modern entrepreneurs. Ross has invested in a handful of SaaS start-ups and sits on the board of directors for non-profit organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Preston.

Ross Simmonds on stage

Ross has been named one of the most influential marketers in the world by multiple marketing publications and firms like BuzzSumo, SEMRush and more. Ross has received the Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award and has been named one of the Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada. He’s been published or featured in a plethora of industry publications and mainstream media channels like Forbes, HuffPost, VentureBeat, BET and CBC.

He enjoys traveling and is a frequent speaker at global digital marketing conferences for small, medium, and enterprise brands.


Ross is the host of Create Like The Greats a podcast breaking down some of the greatest creations of our time

An investigation & observation of some of the greatest ideas, backgrounds, and strategies used by influential and innovative thinkers. Find insights into what it takes to create things that last, stories that spread, and ideas that move people for decades to come. A proud member of the HubSpot Podcast Network

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