What Mothers Can Teach You About Business


With Mothers day coming around the corner I thought it would only be appropriate to dedicate this post to my Mom (Hi Mom) and all the other moms, mommas, mommies and mas out there.

Over the past couple decades my mom has given me some pretty solid advice in regards to life and relationships.

I’ve taken some of that advice and compiled it into 3 quick lessons that can also apply to business:

Always Have On Fresh Underwear

You never know when you’re going to be in an accident.

How embarrassing would it be to be brought into the ER with nasty boxers? Pretty bad. How embarrassing would it be to have a huge scandal revealed about your business? Pretty bad.

Keep your underwear clean and keep your business clean. Don’t do anything that would cause you embarrassment if it was brought to the spotlight. Do the right thing. Leave meetings feeling good about your actions. Leave engagements knowing you put it all on the table.

Kissing A Cut Will Always Make It Better

If you make a mistake you need to fix it.

Whether that means showing it some tender, love and care – so be it. At the end of the day you must take responsibility for your mistakes and hold yourself accountable for those slip ups.

While kissing a boo-boo doesn’t exactly fix the cut, it definitely eases the pain (mentally). If you hurt someone or make a mistake, it is on you to ease that pain and own it. If that means working a couple extra hours – do it. If that means chucking in a free service – do it.

It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Never Go To Bed Angry

This ties more into relationships than anything; but I’ve quickly learned that a lot of business based on relationships. You can apply this lesson to spouses, business partners and even clients.

If you go to bed with an angry spouse you’re basically setting yourself up for disaster (professionally and personally – for 24hrs min). When you go to bed angry with your business partner you’re basically setting yourself up for an uncomfortable morning and potential disaster. And if you’re going to bed angry with a client (and them angry at you) the best thing to do is get ready to find a new client (or kiss some boo-boo’s).

So there ya have it.

Three short and sweet lessons I learned from my mom applied to business.

Hug a mom today.