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The New ABC – Always Be Connecting

By February 6th, 2018One Comment

One of the worst things you can teach someone using social media is the original concept of ABC.

Always Be Closing.

While its a great concept when you’re working at a call center or as a hotshot in the boiler-room.

This mindset will do more damage than good when applied to social media and ultimately ruin your reputation. Instead of sending two tweets to a person and following that up with a ten page proposal; try developing a relationship.

Take the concept of A.B.C and put a new spin on it. Rather than “C” representing closing…

It should represent connecting.

Always Be Connecting

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Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds is a digital marketing strategist who has worked with everything from Fortune 500 companies to startups to drive results using digital marketing and technology.

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13 years ago

Always be connecting, that's pretty slick right there, gotta borrow that.

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