Social Media Strategy & Consultation

The web is changing the way consumers interact with brands, brands interact with consumers and most importantly how consumers interact with one another. Whether you like it or not, consumers will talk about your brand and that’s something that cannot be helped. What can be helped however is the tone and sentiment in which they speak about your brand. First we can determine what they are saying and second we can develop strategy to influence it.

Marketing Consulting

Ross is an online marketer in Halifax, Nova Scotia whose passion and enthusiasm for marketing can be seen in both traditional and digital landscapes. Any true marketer understands the importance of an integrated campaign that combines the best of both worlds. Ross will help you with all of your needs from website redesign to developing a traditional campaign that will take your brand “beyond a conversation”.

Training & Professional Development

Ross has always had a drive and passion to help people reach their goals and full potential. Growing up in the digital age he’s seen many individuals become tech-obsessed rather than tech-savvy. He considers himself to be the latter of the two as he is able to speak geek but also translate it into terms for those who don’t quite get it.

Strategic Site Planning & Analysis

Your website is essentially the new store-front. If consumers are unimpressed by what they find when they go to your URL they will quickly leave. If your website is confusing and overall results in an experience that requires the consumer to think, they’ll leave. Ross has assisted several companies and individuals design experiences online that are smooth and well thought out. Does your site have a high bounce-rate or low time spent on site? Call Ross.

E-Mail Marketing Strategy & Development

Tons of online marketers will tell you that there is a huge difference between direct mail and e-mail marketing. Don’t be fooled – This isn’t exactly the case. Individuals who receive direct-mail and individuals who receive e-mail marketing both think the same way: SPAM. The opportunity lies in our ability to develop campaigns that will not be stamped with this dirty word. The only way to do that is by providing value and a well crafted message. Ross will help you accomplish both of these goals.

Online Assessment & Competitive Review

Ever wonder what consumers are really saying about you online? Ross will analyze and compile all of the information written about your business recently and provide you with an unbias look at what people are saying. However, his search wont end with your brand – It will also spread into your top competitors and specific trends being found within your industry. Using this data you will be able to reevaluate your current situation and have a clear understanding of your brands perception.

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