Create Once. Distribute Forever. – My New Book & A Bunch Of Bonuses


It’s been over a decade since I pressed publish on my first piece of content online.

In that time, I’ve made lifelong friends.

I’ve reached millions of people.

I’ve written more than four ebooks.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts – some for me + some for your favorite companies.

I’ve been flown around the world to share my ideas. I’ve built multiple businesses. And today… I’m excited to share that I can now officially say that I’ve written my first real book:

Create Once. Distribute Forever.

Since the start of my online career, I’ve been obsessed with the idea that content can shape culture. I’ve always understood the importance of content, creativity, creation and storytelling. But it took me longer than I wish it would have to realize the importance of distribution.

It was 2014 when I first sent out a simple tweet that would become the start of a new journey:

And almost 10 years later…

I’m still preaching this concept and idea on a daily basis.

I think this is one of the best B2B Marketing books of the year.

But this time. I’m sharing the concept in a more tactical and tangible way. I’m sharing the concepts through a 231 page book where I dive deep into everything there is to know about distribution. As I think about it though… It’s not just a book. It’s also a manual.

I’m so excited to share this book with the world. Over the course of my career, I’ve been able to help brands reach millions of people on the back of content. I’ve also seen some of the brightest minds, most unique businesses and potentially world changing technologies – struggle to get traction, be seen or engaged with – because they under estimated and utilized distribution.

Distribution is no longer optional.

In a world where it’s noisier than ever…

In a world where it’s more competitive than ever…

In a world where it’s there’s more content than ever…

The power of distribution becomes a key part of every brand, entrepreneur, creator and marketers tookit.

This is why I’m excited to announce my book.

I think this book will have the potential to change the trajectory of careers and help some of the best stories and creators get seen.

One section of the book is exclusively focused on giving you tactical ways to make your product or story spread online with ease. It breaks down over 100 different ways to spread your stories and ensure that you get the most out of the things you create. Too many people spend 30 hours creating things and spend just 3 minutes to promote them. The ratio is broken.

This book strives to fix it.

Here’s the entire table of contents so you can get a glimpse of what is inside my new book: Create Once. Distribute Forever.


  1. What Is Distribution?
  2. Why You Should Embrace Distribution

REASON 1: More Content Than Ever Before

REASON 2: More Competition Than Ever Before

REASON 3: More Distribution Than Ever Before

REASON 4: More Opportunities Than Ever Before

  1. Why Many Don’t Embrace Distribution

The Fears Holding You Back

The Fear Of Experimentation

The Fear Of Time Commitment

The Fear Of Being Judged

  1. How and Where to Distribute Content

The Sherlock Homeboy Method

Unlocking Channel-User Fit

How to Uncover Content-Market Fit

The Distribution Channel Matrix


  1. Remixing Content
  2. Republishing Content


  1. Email Distribution
  • Strategy 1: Existing Mailing List
  • Strategy 2: Third-Party Email Lists
  • Strategy 3: One-to-One Email Outreach
  • Strategy 4: Existing Email Funnels
  • Strategy 5: Outbound Sales Distribution
  1. Social Media Distribution
  • LinkedIn Strategies
  • X (Formerly Twitter) Strategies
  • Facebook Strategies
  • Instagram Strategies
  • TikTok Strategies
  1. Partnership Distribution
  • Strategy 1: Joint Webinar Partnership
  • Strategy 2: Distribution through Aggregators
  • Strategy 3: Guest Blog Posts
  • Strategy 4: Product and Platform Distribution
  • Strategy 5: Newsletter Partnerships
  1. Community Distribution
  • Facebook Group Strategies
  • Subreddit Strategies
  • Slack Strategies
  • Discord Strategies
  1. Search Distribution
  • SEO Distribution Strategies
  • Paid Search Distribution Strategies


  1. The Content Distribution Playbook

The book is available online at almost every bookstore.