Top AI Marketing Tools For Marketers In 2024


Who else wants the promise of AI to actually translate into better outcomes?

I’m talking about:

– Less time doing low value tasks

– Generate more value than usual
– More time to do things that drive ROI

The promise has been made but rarely realized. In this email, I’m going to share a ton of tools that I think more marketers should be considering as a part of their marketing mix. In addition to that though… I’m writing to share with you this blog post I recently published for HubSpot.

And I think it breaks down exactly that. Open a new tab, check it out and let me know what you think! In the meantime… Let’s dive into some of the AI tools that I believe are worth experimenting right now.

• Koala App + HubSpot feels like a marketing and revenue leader dream. These two tools combined have a suite of AI features that make it easier to see who is visiting what pages, how high their intent is to buy and even set automated sequences to engage
• HeyGen gives you the ability to send 400+ personalized “Loom” style videos that say the first name of the recipient and the company they work at using Deepfake technology. My review here.

• Descript has amazing AI tools for editing videos after creating them (Audio AI Review of Descript + more)

• CapCut has some crazy video editing tools that use AI to bring compelling content together for social
• Vimeo has recently launched an AI suite of tools that help with script writing and content creation

• ChatGPT, Gemini and Perplexity are all super hopeful for getting insights and answers to questions:
• GPT for Sheets is probably my favorite Google Sheet plugin where you can turn individual cells into equations that are connected to AI prompts.
• ChartGPT is a great workflow tool that helps automate data management

• Superhuman for email is absolute gold. You can get through your inbox faster than ever as it has a few great features:
— AI summaries of long emails
— AI summaries of email threads
— AI replies for faster comms

• GSuite’s AI suite via Gemini is pretty good for helping create first drafts of content assets like proposals and plans. One of my favorite use cases is giving it run down of a task I’ve done and telling it to develop in-depth SOPs based on it.
— Pro Tip: Record Looms of tasks being done and talk through them. Get AI to write an SOP based on that content.
• Zapier is pretty self explanatory and isn’t really “AI” it’s more just automation but the power of Zaps to connect multiple tools is absolutely game changing and should be embraced.
— Example: Connect Zapier to call transcripts and summarize the tasks, key points and action items. Have them DM’d to you on Slack in a private channel so you never lose track.
— Otter AI + Zoom’s AI suite can do most of this for you as well.

• The team at ElevenLabs are in my opinion the far ahead leaders at audio AI right now. You can use their technology to text into audio. It’s a mind boggling experience. Check this out.
•  I’m not sure what the future holds for AI and content creation but Jasper is still one tool that I believe is a must have resource for enterprise level content marketing teams

That’s not all the ways AI can be used to give you more time back but it’s a great start. I’ve used these to do more with less and the results are better than ever. The promise of AI is real.

The challenge is getting familiar with the technology and understanding how to use them to your advantage. Hope this helps.

Go get em ! ✌🏿