Audio AI: The Best AI Voice Generators & Text To Voice Tools


Audio has exploded in the last few years.

Podcasts are thriving. Audiobooks are all the rage. AI tools that allow you to create and edit audio content are some of the hottest tools on the market right now and for good reason. 

Here’s my thoughts on how Audio AI is already changing the way creators, makers & marketers operate:

As a digital strategist who’s worked with tech giants like Canva, Eventbrite, Moz and more, I’ve seen firsthand how AI is reshaping the marketing and content landscape. 

But it’s not just about written content anymore – AI audio tools are the next frontier in creating engaging, scalable, and high-quality content. Whether you’re a podcaster, marketer, or content creator, these tools can help you level up your audio game.

I’ve tested dozens of AI audio tools, and the 8 you’ll find below can fit any content creator’s needs, whether you’re just starting out or scaling your operations. They offer a wide range of features covering everything from text-to-speech and voice cloning to audio editing and enhancement.

I know adopting new tech can be daunting, so I hope this selection helps you find the right AI audio tool without too much hassle. And when you finally make the switch, you’ll start hearing the difference – literally.

The best AI audio tools

  1. ElevenLabs for realistic voice generation
  2. MurfAI for all-in-one audio creation
  3. AssemblyAI for speech recognition and analysis
  4. Audo Studio for audio enhancement
  5. Resemble AI for voice cloning
  6. PlayHT for multilingual voice synthesis
  7. Adobe Podcast for professional-grade editing
  8. Cleanvoice AI for podcast post-production

What makes the best AI audio tool?

When evaluating AI audio tools, I prioritize apps that offer a solid foundation of core features like text-to-speech conversion, voice cloning, or audio enhancement. Then, I look for those that have implemented these features exceptionally well, offering a user experience that supports your existing content creation workflow.

Here’s what I looked for in the best AI audio tools:

  1. Quality of output: The audio should sound natural and engaging, not robotic or artificial.  This is where Studio for audio enhancement, Resemble AI for voice cloning, and PlayHT for multilingual voice synthesis excel. They use advanced algorithms to create high-quality audio that mimics human speech patterns.  
  2. Flexibility and customization: The best AI audio tools should allow for flexibility in terms of voice selection, tone, and pace. They should also offer customization options such as adding background music or sound effects to enhance the overall listening experience.
  3. Ease of use: These tools should simplify complex audio tasks, not complicate them.  The user interface should be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for both beginners and experts.
  4. Cost-effective: While AI audio tools may seem costly at first, they can save time and money in the long run. Look for tools that offer affordable pricing plans and provide value for your investment.
  5. Compatibility: Make sure the tool you choose is compatible with your existing software and devices. This will ensure a seamless integration into your workflow and minimize any potential technical issues.
  6. Customization options: Your audio should reflect your brand, so flexibility is key.
  7. Integration capabilities: The tool should play nice with your existing tech stack.
  8. Scalability: As your content needs grow, your audio tool should keep up.

Let’s dive into each of these top AI audio tools:

ElevenLabs: Best for realistic voice generation

Screenshot of eleven labs in action

ElevenLabs stands out for its incredibly lifelike voice generation. It’s my go-to when I need to create voiceovers that sound indistinguishable from human speechConvert text to speech online for free using ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator. Instantly create natural AI voices in any language – ideal for video creators, developers, and businesses. Whether you’re crafting content or penning short stories, our AI voice generator empowers you to create immersive audio experiences.

Exploring audiobooks as an AI tool intrigues me. Among the market options, ElevenLabs stands out as a top-notch solution. This remarkable tool breathes life into stories by transforming lengthy text into captivating audio. With ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator, crafting audiobooks in a seamless, natural voice and tone becomes effortless, catering perfectly to authors and publishers.

ElevenLabs Pros:

– Extensive voice library with various accents and emotions
– Highly realistic voice synthesis
– API access for developers

Some of the best use cases that I’ve found that led to ElevenLabs being at the top of my list: 

  • Text to Speech for Videos
    Enhance your content creation, engagement, and localization with ElevenLabs’ cutting-edge AI-driven voices. Effortlessly craft voices in minutes, eliminating the requirement for recording studios or voice actors.
  • Text to Speech for Gaming
    Enhance gaming experiences by seamlessly incorporating dynamic and immersive character voices using ElevenLabs’ AI-driven text-to-speech technology. Craft diverse character voices effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for extensive voice acting resources.
  • Text to Speech for Audiobooks
    Transform narrative experiences with ElevenLabs’ AI voices that breathe life into text naturally and expressively. Meet the demands of audiobook aficionados with premium, adaptable voice solutions.
  • Text to Speech for Chatbots
    Enhance your conversational AI using ElevenLabs’ cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to create a highly interactive and engaging user experience.
  • Text to Speech for Presentations
    ElevenLabs’ AI voices have the power to elevate your presentations, turning them into captivating immersive experiences that engage and entertain audiences.
  • Text to Speech for TikTok Videos
    ElevenLabs’ AI voices have the power to elevate your TikTok videos, creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences.
  • Text to Speech for WordPress
    Our AI-powered voices effortlessly transform your WordPress articles into spoken audio with just one click.
  • Text to Speech & Voice Changer for Discord
    Our AI voices can effortlessly transform your Discord messages into spoken audio with just one click.
  • Text to Speech for AI Game Characters
    Enhance your gaming narratives with dynamic and authentic AI-generated character voices. Quickly craft a diverse range of characters, each with their own distinct voice and personality, utilizing ElevenLabs’ state-of-the-art text technology.

ElevenLabs Cons:
– Premium voices can be pricey for large-scale use

ElevenLabs pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $5/month

A sample of my own ElevenLabs deep fake turned into a Faceless YouTube video:

It’s my number one choice.

Give ElevenLabs a demo today. It’s 100% my favorite AI audio tool on the market today.

MurfAI: Best for all-in-one audio creation

Screenshot of in action

MurfAI is the Swiss Army knife of AI audio tools. It combines voice generation, audio editing, and background music in one platform. This specific tool enables you to swiftly produce high-quality voiceovers using their advanced voice generator. With a selection of over 120 human-like AI voices in 20+ languages, it is perfect for enhancing various content such as podcasts, videos, and presentations.

One standout features of MurfAI is its seamless integration with Canva. Within this integration, you have the ability to customize every facet of your voiceover, ensuring your message resonates precisely as you intend. Effortlessly adjust the pace to harmonize with the flow of your content and fine-tune the pitch to align with your narrative style.

MurfAI Pros:
– Comprehensive suite of audio creation tools
– User-friendly interface
– Supports multiple languages

MurfAI Cons:

– Advanced features may have a learning curve

MurfAI pricing: From $29/month for individuals

AssemblyAI: Best for speech recognition and analysis

Screenshot of Assembly AI use case

When it comes to understanding and analyzing spoken content, AssemblyAI is hard to beat.

It’s a powerhouse for transcription, sentiment analysis, and content moderation. AssemblyAI, crafted by AI specialists, offers cutting-edge Speech AI models. These models provide precise speech-to-text conversion for various voice data types like calls, virtual meetings, and podcasts. Additionally, features include speaker identification, sentiment analysis, chapter recognition, PII redaction, and more. 

AssemplyAI Pros:

– Highly accurate speech-to-text
– Advanced audio intelligence features
– Robust API for integration

AssemblyAI Cons:

– Primarily aimed at developers, may require technical know-how

AssemblyAI pricing: Pay-as-you-go model, starting at $0.00025 per second of audio

Audo Studio: Best for audio enhancement

Screenshot of Audo Studio in action

Audo Studio is my secret weapon for cleaning up and enhancing audio. It’s particularly useful for improving the quality of podcast recordings or user-generated content. Audo Studio employs cutting-edge audio processing and AI to effortlessly eliminate background noise and elevate speech quality. Say goodbye to hours of cleaning – now tidy up your audio in seconds!

Audo Studio Pros:

– Powerful noise reduction and audio clarity tools
– Batch processing capabilities
– Easy-to-use interface

Audo Studio Cons:

– Limited to audio enhancement (no voice generation)

Audo Studio pricing: From $18/month for individuals

Resemble AI: Best for voice cloning

Screenshot of Resemble AI use case

If you need to create a consistent voice across multiple pieces of content, Resemble AI’s voice cloning technology is top-notch. Resemble AI offers state-of-the-art Generative AI Voices and robust deepfake audio detection tailored for enterprises emphasizing advanced security and safety measures.

Resemble AI’s professional-grade voice clones closely mirror the original source, offering impeccable quality for a range of applications including videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and video games.

ResembleAI Pros:

– High-quality voice cloning
– Emotional and tonal control
– Supports real-time voice conversion

ResembleAI Cons:

– Requires voice samples for best results

Resemble AI pricing: Custom pricing based on needs

PlayHT: Best for multilingual voice synthesis

Screenshot of Play HT use case

PlayHT shines when it comes to creating voiceovers in multiple languages. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to reach global audiences. PlayHT lets you choose from over 142 Text to Speech Languages & Accents. Are you seeking to elevate your video content and distinguish yourself from the masses? If the answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat. AI voice overs are emerging as a transformative tool for video creators, enabling the seamless and efficient production of top-notch videos.

PlayHT Pros:

– Supports over 140 languages and accents
– Offers both API and web interface
– High-quality voice models

PlayHT Cons:

– Some less common languages may sound less natural

PlayHT pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $39/month

Adobe Podcast: Best for professional-grade editing

Screenshot of Adobe Podcast in action

Adobe Podcast (formerly Project Shasta) brings Adobe’s audio expertise into the AI realm. It’s perfect for creators who need powerful editing tools with AI assistance. The Enhance Speech tool enhances clarity by eliminating background noise and refining your voice’s frequencies, creating a professional studio-like recording experience.

Adobe Podcast Pros:

– Seamless integration with other Adobe products
– AI-powered audio enhancement
– Intuitive editing interface

Adobe Podcast Cons:

– Full feature set may be overkill for simple projects

Adobe Podcast pricing: Currently in beta, pricing TBA

Cleanvoice AI: Best for podcast post-production

Screenshot of Cleanvoice AI use case

Cleanvoice AI is a lifesaver for podcast creators. It automatically removes filler words, long silences, and mouth sounds, saving hours in post-production. Cleanvoice is an AI tool designed to eliminate filler sounds, background noise, and mouth noises from your podcasts or audio recordings, ensuring a polished and professional listening experience.

If you’re like me, you probably hate it when your podcasts have unwanted background noise. Cleanvoice is one of the best AI tools I’ve come across that will help you record on the go. You can use this tech to remove pesky cafe noise, traffic sounds, white noise or any other kind of background noise (aka crying babies).

Cleanvoice AI Pros:

– Automated cleanup of common audio issues
– Time-saving for podcast producers
– Maintains natural speech patterns

Cleanvoice AI Cons:

– Focused specifically on spoken-word content cleanup

Cleanvoice AI pricing: From €9/month for up to 2 hours of audio

The world of AI audio tools is evolving rapidly, and these eight options represent the cream of the crop. Whether you’re looking to generate lifelike voiceovers, enhance audio quality, or streamline your podcast production, there’s a tool here to fit your needs.

Remember, the best tool for you depends on your specific requirements, budget, and technical expertise. Don’t be afraid to experiment with free trials to find the perfect fit for your content creation workflow.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in content creation, I’m excited to see how these tools will shape the future of audio content. The possibilities are endless – from personalized audio experiences to real-time voice translation and beyond.

So, are you ready to take your audio content to the next level?

Dive in, start experimenting, and let’s create some audio magic together!