How to Write Like Seth Godin


Seth Godin is the most popular blogger in the world (after this guy). The info he shares on his blog is considered by many to be some of the best work on the web. With a variety of different topics – ranging from going against the status quo to innovative marketing strategies. His writing style and ideas are what ultimately set him a part from other bloggers in the blogosphere.

While its impossible to think like Seth – Its not impossible to write like him.

Write in Common-Sense English

Seth writes with a voice that anyone can understand. He doesn’t over complicate his words and he doesn’t use unnecessary adjectives. When you read Seth’s blogs you can go through more than 2000 blog posts without needing a thesaurus because he writes in a language that everyone can understand. If anything, he writes in conversational way similar to what you could expect from a friend over dinner.

What differs between Seth and lots of bloggers is that he writes for his readers and not for Google. You won’t find titles from Seth that read “The Beatles Secret to Success is Hard Work.”  Nope, you’ll find a title that reads something simple like – “When did the Beatles.

If you put your readers first they will recognize the effort. They will notice that you’re writing for them and not SEO – They’ll notice, and it they’ll show you its appreciated.

Ask a Questions (then answer)

Where’s the baxter? | Why spend $10,000 to do a photo shoot for a magazine? | Who gets to decide what you want?

These are only three of the many questions that Seth has started posts with. Seth realizes that starting a post with a question creates curiosity and gets the reader thinking. Start your posts with a question that your readers will be itching to find an answer to. Or try starting it with a question that they never would have expected – I think you’ll be surprised how many people stick around.

Size Doesn’t Matter – Content Does

When it comes to the length of an article, blog post or better yet – paragraph. It truly does “depend.” Now, it doesn’t depend on your writing style or your companies brand. What it depends on is, how well you can get across a message. If you are able to get across your message in 150 words – do it. If it takes you 500 words and a few images thats fine too.

The only thing that matters when writing is . Once in a while you’ll stumble across a blog post from Seth that is pretty long and other days you’ll find something very short. No matter how long the post is – His only goal is to provide his readers with valuable information.

Tell a Story Worth Telling

If you’ve read Seths blog frequently, you know that you’ll never be told a pointless story. No matter if he’s talking about cycling or blind squirrels; you know that you’re reading a story with value and that links to a lesson. Seth is one of the kings of story telling. He tells his stories them in a way that Picasso would paint – You could say he makes art with words.

Attention #1: You can’t be the next Seth Godin, You can’t be the next Gary Veynerchuck – You can only be you. Take the tips above and use them to improve your own writing style not to become someone you’re not.

Attention #2: Say Hello.