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Why Anger Management is necessary when dealing with Ruthless comments

By April 17th, 20108 Comments
Ready for attack


It’s okay to snap every once in a while. It’s actually good for you to get your anger out. I mean, some of the most hot-tempered people in the world have done great things with their lives professionally and personally.

However, there have also been people who were on their way to great things but took 10 steps back. All because they didn’t know how to handle…better yet, deal with; criticism or negative comments.

Bloggers put themselves out there more than anyone else in the social media world. Someone who is solely a twitterer has a chance for every thought they tweet to disappear. A bloggers thoughts and ideas are on the web forever – This is why sometimes its necessary for us to camouflage our old-rants.

Since joining the blogging world a few years ago I’ve engaged in some pretty heated arguments. And still, I encourage readers to challenge my ideas and thoughts…

With that said,  I’m not perfect…And without question could have handled some of these situations better than others. But I do believe that some of these people got what they deserved.

In my second year of blogging. An anonymous reader insisted on commenting on every post and adding absolutely no value to the discussion. And due to the lack of a better phrase…you could say, I ripped him a new one.

Looking back however, the amount of time I put into arguing with this anonymous critic, week in and week out. I could have been  much more productive.

Here are some suggestionson dealing with criticism that I feel can be applied to blogging…

Delay your reaction.

Take 20 minutes before you respond. If you respond to early the commenter will feel as if they got to you. (Yes, I know they did…this is where you fake it)

Go elsewhere.

As soon as you read the ridiculous comment you’ll hop into defensive mode. STOP. Do something to take your mind off the comment. Start working on that project you’ve been putting off or going for a run. Once you come return you’ll have your head together and be able to make a rational decision.

Vent discretely.

Open up a word processor and give that document a piece of your mind. Everything you think you should say but know you shouldn’t – let it out.

Remember, arguing online is like trying to trick a mirror; pointless.

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Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds is a digital marketing strategist who has worked with everything from Fortune 500 companies to startups to drive results using digital marketing and technology.

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Dylan Blanchard
13 years ago

Buddy must have at least liked your content if s/he kept coming back!

Stupid questions always get stupid answers, so I reckon that if somebody is wasting my time with ridiculous comments, they don't really warrant a response as you'll just be wasting more of your time. Time's too precious not to be holding real conversations.

13 years ago

Exactly Dylan, thats a very Good point! It was definitely a waste of my time and a mistake I'll never make again…well, I'll try not to make again.

2 years ago

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Jann Bordia
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2 years ago

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