User Generated Content: When the Consumer gives the Brand a Gift.


You can pay to have your brand exposed to millions at the Superbowl. You can send out tweets on a day to day basis to engage with your customers. You can even send your top customers special offers and discounts. You can do all of this but none of it will have the impact of an authentic look at your products value.

Earlier this week I came across the video below where a band uses their iPhones to serenade a bus filled of people. Apparently the band had their musical instruments stolen and had no choice but to use their iPhones as musical instruments. The band used their application infused iPhones to play everything from the Piano to the Drums. As a result we find a simply amazing video and a gift to Apple marketers everywhere. I’ve never been an Apple fan or even a believer in their products. This video however, has changed my mind for the better. This is truly a gift from the consumer to the brand…

I wont be surprised if this is used in a promotion for Apple in the near future. Take a look,