Stella Artois uses Facebook Connect to Blow Your Freakin’ Mind


Have you ever heard of the playboy, actor, film producer and charmer Jacques D’azur?

If so, don’t be caught off guard when I tell you he isn’t actually real.

He’s the main character in Stella Artois and The Cannes Film Festivals current marketing campaign. Using social media they were able to create one of the greatest brand fictions I’ve seen since the original Mad Men stormed twitter.

While their efforts on Facebook and Twitter impressed me. What impressed me the most was the functionality and experience they created using the Stella Artois website. Initially, I was hesitant to connect to their site using Facebook connect but once I did; I didn’t look back.

In David Lee Kings book; “Designing the Digital Experience” he talks about turning your website into the users third space. This is exactly what Stella Artois was able to accomplish by using Facebook connect and great creative/digital direction. You see, not only do you get the chance to watch the story play out in front of your eyes; you become a part of the story.

The application shows pictures of your friends, of you, discusses your relationship status and at the end of it all, it even says your FREAKIN’ name! Now, if that doesn’t blow you away…I don’t know what will.

If you haven’t checked it out – I strongly suggest you do so.

PS: Here’s a video (external link – original was removed from YouTube) giving a quick run-down of the entire campaign – Enjoy.