The Real Reason You Didn’t Start A Side Hustle Last Year


Look, I know not everyone wants to run their own business.

I have nothing against anyone who is fully satisfied with their existing employment situation. There are a lot of employers who offer great benefits, great salary, great culture, and a great roadmap. But I’m getting really tired of people complaining about their jobs, salaries, and opportunities in their community without taking responsibility.

Last year, I went from side hustle to full hustle. I learned a lot over the last twelve months and have developed new skills, significantly grew my income, and spent more time doing the things I love than ever before. And it all started with a side hustle…Something that I’ve preached about before as an option that everyone should consider.

If you’re tired of your job or hate your boss, there’s a way out. It’s not easy but it’s an option that will give you a chance to live the life of your dreams and ultimately achieve the personal freedom you desire.

If you’ve thought about starting a side hustle in the past, what stopped you from chasing it? What stopped you from creating your beef jerky company? What stopped you from becoming a slideshare designer? What stopped you from selling your crafts on Etsy? What stopped you from doing what you always wanted?

You might be able to relate to one of these:

You’re Looking For The Next Big Idea

You don’t need to start out trying to change the world. If it’s your side hustle, you just need to find a problem that people have and a solution that is aligned with your talents and interests. I know people who are making six figures selling homemade book bags.

You don’t need to create the next Facebook to get started. You just need to get started! Whether that’s running errands, selling cookies, or walking dogs; whatever fulfills a demand is where you need to start.

You Have A Serious Fear Of Failure

I don’t get this one. What are you afraid of? Failure sucks but it’s not going to kill you. In fact, there are hundreds of cliché sayings that support this exact point. Take last year for example. What was the one thing that you were scared of going into 2014? Did it matter? Did it turn out as bad as you thought it would? More than likely it didn’t.

Stop being afraid of chasing your dreams and go chase them. Here’s why 2015 should be the year you make your Side Hustle a Reality: