What Brands Should Do With Old Content: Reshare & Repurpose


That’s not a typo. I’m talking about 2023

Yes. It might feel like that was decades ago but in reality — it wasn’t that long ago. But think about how different things may have been in your world, industry and business just six or seven months ago. It’s wild to think about.

But here’s what most brands don’t realize:

In all that time… You’ve created things. You’ve published things. You’ve launched things. And some of those things resonated deeply with a few people who turned into customers or raving fans of your business.

It may have been 4 months ago.

It may have been 10 months ago.

But since then… Time has continued.

And if you’re like most people, you forgot all about these projects / articles / webinars / etc that served you so well when they first went live. Such a shame.

But let’s fix it.

Let’s be intentional in the next 2 weeks and promote some of your greatest hits. Let’s be intentional with sharing content that worked 3, 6, 8 months ago because it’s possible that this content will work just as well today.



This is the question asked so many times.

Here’s what you do when that happens:


Most people won’t care.


They’re so caught up in their day-to-day they’re not going to care or notice that you reshared something old. On top of that, they’re actually more likely to thank you because most of the people who loved it when it first went live forgot about how valuable that piece was when it first went live and likely could benefit from a refresher.

Here’s a few simple ways you can reshare your content without running into issues:

  • Write an email (like this) that offers an interesting spin on the original topic and make reference to the original piece.

PRO TIP: Don’t just write “Hey – Read my latest piece” make the email you write to support the amplification of the piece worth reading and forwarding.

  • Turn the old piece into a slide deck / PDF that can be uploaded to LinkedIn as a carousel. Share the link in the comments on that post.
  • Turn those slides into JPEGs and make a slideshow on Instagram. If you want to get really fancy turn them into a video that can be a Reel that gets uploaded to both IG and YouTube shorts.

Feel like that’s enough to get started?

I hope so.

Most people won’t even do ONE of these things yet it’s through this amplification of your content in which you’ll see the greatest impact.

Dont let your content collect dust in 2024.

Even things created in 2023.

You know the motto:

Create once. Distribute forever.


I should mention. I’ve got a book coming out soon on this exact topic. But I’m not just launching a book for the sake of it — I’m bundling the book with a bunch of different perks you can get as well.

Guess the title 😉

Create once. Distribute forever.