Provocative LEGO Ads – Did they go to far?


The advertisements below were brought to my attention when Richard Darrell shared them on the Bit Rebels website. Richard wasn’t a fan of these LEGO advertisements stating,

“Everything about them is wrong, and I just don’t see the purpose of them.”

While Lego has produced some touching and heart-warming Ads in the past, these are the complete opposite. The series of Ads show moments that any parent would pray their child isnt exposed to at an early age. Below you can find one of the most “disturbing” ads of the set, showing an individual on the verge of taking his own life.

As you can see in the Ad the concept is basically telling parents to buy their kids lego so they don’t get exposed to this kind of thing

I’m a fan of this Ad because it speaks the truth. Television is filled with tons and tons of crap these days and lots of shows are inappropriate for children. As extreme as this ad may be, it gets across a message that several parents need to consider. In fact, studies show that children who spend the most time watching TV or consuming media online are the ones who under achieve.

Second, if this advertisement placed in the right magazines it could be extremely effective. The best bet would be to put this in a parenting magazine or another magazine which hits this demographic.

Sure its a bit edgy, but the Ad is simple and most importantly it gets your attention.

What do you think? Does it cross the line..?