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This week I bought a new hat.

Not just a baseball cap or a stocking cap; a flat cap.

Wear a baseball cap and no one notices. Wear a stocking cap and no one notices (unless its the summer). But I’m not wearing this hat to stand out – I’m wearing it cause I like it.

However, no matter if its a hat, a shirt or a new business; if its against the norm, people will stare. People will take a second look, question your intentions and sometimes even ridicule you.

That’s okay, embrace it. It means you’re taking a step away from status quo. It means that you just might be on the way to something remarkable.

What hats on your head?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Adam UXB Smith

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  • Ah the classics. My father wears flat caps year round. His father wore them as well. I figure I will start one day, when I am old enough to feel distinguished in them. I don't think I'm cool enough to pull them off yet.

  • Philam says:

    It's too hot in our country now. The cup you is a good example to wear.

  • I'm telling ya man – You can pull it off. If you like that hat enough, you can rock it with confidence.

  • Flat caps are sick.
    I've got a couple around – but they're harder and harder to find, I think.
    Especially any ones with character to them.

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