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Every day millions of emails are sent with the hope of closing deals, making connections and finding new opportunities for business. If you’re a freelancer, it might seem like there’s not enough time in a day to craft and send quality emails to your ideal customers and partners.

But don’t stress it. I’ve taken the time to put together a great list of 20+ email scripts that can help any freelancer land new gigs, generate press and drive results for their business.

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Struggling to find a business idea that you can make your own? Want a business idea that you can start within weeks for little cost? Maybe one that can go from side hustle into your main hustle? Here are sixty different side hustle ideas that you can use for inspiration to come up with an idea that could change your life.

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New Decade Resolutions

Ross Simmonds | Entrepreneurship | No Comments
In a few weeks, we’re going to walk into an entirely new decade. That means we’re going to be saying goodbye to the decade that brought us most cryptocurrencies, Instagram...

Why & how brands should adopt content distribution processes in their marketing mix

Ross Simmonds | Content Marketing | No Comments
Your team has written thousands of words. They’ve injected keywords in it, sourced great imagery and even included a handful of expert quotes. The asset is valuable, compelling and, dare...

The Ultimate Marketing Guide To Using Snapchat For Business

Ross Simmonds | Marketing | No Comments
When you want to know how to do anything, where do you typically go? If you’re not calling your mom to ask how long you boil an egg when you...

Good Marketer – Bad Marketer

Ross Simmonds | B2B Marketing | No Comments
Good marketers understand their audiences motivations, their buying journey, the various stories that can be told to demonstrate their companies value proposition and their brands key differentiators. Good marketers tell stories....



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