Five Complaints You’ll Hear about the New Facebook Layout


For six years Facebook has been making it easier to creep on ex-girlfriends, snoop professors and embarrass your friends after one too many tequila shots. Over these years, Facebook has changed it’s layout five times and each time we find a new group like this, this or this complaining. While none of these groups have ever been successful in getting “the old layout” back. People still join these groups expecting Zuckerberg to care what they have to say. If you haven’t seen the redesign yet, you can find it on Mashable or take a look at the picture below for an idea.

From Mashable

As you can see the new design is nothing like the past five designs that Facebook has rolled out. The homepage as you knew it is clearly no more. The new homepage puts a whole new spin on things focusing more on search. Not only will it make it easier to message your friends (e-mailish really).The scrapbook look has made it easier to creep on more than one friend at a time.

The Retaliation Begins

While the new layout hasn’t hit my Facebook yet, I’m already facing the consequences of the design. In less than 24hours 20 of my friends have joined the group: “CHANGE FACEBOOK BACK TO NORMAL!!” I have also seen at least six status updates ranging from,

“[Insert name here] is SOOO over Facebook”


[Insert name here] WTF FACEBOOK!”

But yes,  I’m happy for Facebook. Typically when it’s your birthday you don’t give out presents. You receive them. Facebook however, has given each and everyone of us the gift of complaints. If you haven’t already begun to see them come in on you’re news feed here are five complaints that you can look forward to…

This New Layout is @#$% Ugly!

This tends to be the second most popular reason why people are complaining. I have to ask these people a simple question. If you had a child and when it turned six it became ugly what would you do? Would you give it up for adoption? Would you quit being a parent? No, you wouldn’t. And you aren’t going to leave Facebook because it’s ugly. You will accept it for what it is and in a few weeks it will grow on you.

Everyone can see Everything!

Welcome to Web 2.0 Captain Obvious! Of course they can see everything. You knew that when facebook rolled out the privacy changes back in December. So you don’t want to have all those pictures on peoples homepages when they log on? Okay, well you could always try MySpace. Facebook has made it clear that they believe that the privacy age is dead. Oh yeah, and if your privacy matters to you so much, why do you still do those surveys and play Mafia wars?

Zuckerberg Sold out! – All about Ad Space

No, you sold out when you sent me a request for Farmville, Mafia Wars, 3 Surveys, a super poke and tagged me in your stalkers list. Wait, how are we “friends” again?

It’s too Confusing and Frustrating!

Sadly, this is the most popular complaint. No real reason that they hate the layout, just the fact that they don’t know what they’re doing. Well, remember when the layout changed for the 4th time a few months back and you complained about how confusing it was? Do you not realize that you are now requesting that Facebook go back to that once confusing layout? I mean, it’s common sense that if you got used to the old one you are going to get used to this one.

Sure, its confusing and you don’t know where anything is anymore. But remember how confusing algebra was when you open up the textbook for the first time? You got used to it and with practice you got better.  And lets be honest, you aren’t going anywhere so you’ll definitely get practice.

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