Facebook Rolls out Age Restrictions on Pages


Facebook has rolled out a new set of permissions for your business fan page. These permissions will make it easier for several community managers who were once responsible for monitoring their page for profanity. Admins now have the ability to blacklist custom keywords and set profanity settings to ensure certain things are not said on their page. This may go against the concept of “freedom of speech” on Facebook but it shows that the team at Facebook really values their business pages and their clients needs. This is a feature that many businesses have been requesting and it’s finally here for all to utilize to their advantage. Heres what it looks like (Via Barbarian Blog)

What i find the most interesting and potentially useful, is the age restriction option. Specifically, this will present a great opportunity for alcohol related and casino brands to connect with their targeted audience. While I’m not sure how this will affect adult magazines and their marketing efforts on Facebook, I think it will be huge for other age restricted brands and services. What’s cool is that when you choose your new age restrictions everyone not old enough to “like” your page will be removed from your list.

I don’t know if brands are going to be willing to give up their connections for ethical reasons but if they are looking to take this route, this is a great new feature.