Experimentation In Marketing: Why It’s The Best Strategy For Success


Band-aids. Sticky Pads. Penicillin. Pumpkin spice lattes. Your last Tinder match.

And your favorite Spotify playlist…

Are all available thanks to experimentation.

Experiments have offered us as a society some of the greatest discoveries, opportunities, and solutions EVER. Experimentation has offered us as a species the see diseases vanish.

Experimentation has offered us the chance to build global networks. And experimentation has given us the chance to build stronger connections with one another.

Experimentation has been the key to human survival. But I’m not here to talk about that…

I want to talk about how important experimentation is for marketers.

I want to talk about how marketers can leverage experimentation to drive meaningful and measurable results for their business and why it’s important that experimentation become the part of the growth culture found within every and any organization trying to establish and sustain a competitive edge.

Here’s an interesting stat.

Foundation recently surveyed 107 SaaS Growth Teams to see if they had experimentation processes internally..

And 58% said they did…

That’s the trend I like to see!

But the 42% that doesn’t experiment… That’s a group I want to talk too.

When you think about some of the most successful companies on the market, the vast majority of them have created cultures where experimentation is in their DNA. From Netflix to Facebook and Amazon to Spotify – Experimentation is a huge part of the reason why these companies are successful and continue to rise up as industry leaders and innovators.

Here’s a video breaking down some of the lessons you can learn from these great companies:

And if you’re a marketer… The opportunities are endless.

You can experiment with new channels.

You can experiment with a new copy.

You can experiment with new products.

You can experiment with tons of different factors related to your business.

Here’s 26 marketing experiments that I’ve either seen in the wild or have tried. You won’t always succeed with these experiments but you’re certainly going to uncover insights that those unwilling to experiment will never find.

And that’s where a potential competitive can come into play.

Wrapping This Up

As you think about your own marketing team and the efforts you implement in the coming months be sure to make experimentation a part of your culture. It’s not just a great way to learn things about channels, tools, techniques and opportunities that most overlook – it’s a great way to increase your growth rate and beat the competition.

What’s an experiment that you’ve recently run at your company? I’d love to hear from you!