New Decade Resolutions


In a few weeks, we’re going to walk into an entirely new decade.

That means we’re going to be saying goodbye to the decade that brought us most cryptocurrencies, Instagram (2010),  Quora (2010), Snapchat (2011),  DraftKings (2011),  Instacart (2012),  Lyft (2012),  Blue Apron (2012),  Slack (2013), Tik Tok (2016) and Chatroulette (RIP)… I could go on.

It’s been quite the ride.

One of the biggest observations that I’ve recently made is how likely we are to overestimate what we can do in a short period of time (say 6 months) in comparison to what we can do over the course of a decade. If you look back 10 years ago, it’s very likely that the life you lived then is quite different from the life you live now…

You might have a new job.
You might have graduated.
You might live in a new city.
You might have a new career.
You might have a new partner.
You might know a new language.
You might have lost tons of weight.
You might have lost someone close.
You might have launched your project.

So many things could have happened. And while a lot of these things may not of been in your control at all. Some luck. Some misfortune. Some of these things were only realized as a result of your own dedication (or lack thereof).

This reminds me of the circle of concern vs. circle of control concept:


At the start of every  year, people get excited and scream New Year- New Me. I get it…

And I don’t hate on the inspirational sentiment that comes with a new year. I love it. Seeing people excited about going to the gym, trying a new project, investing in themselves or making a commitment to a new habit — there’s nothing negative in the world about all of that.

But what I want more of us to do is think about what we can become in 10 years.

Let’s pause on the New Years Resolutions and start with a New Decade Resolution. 

It’s not easy to do.

We often have a hard enough time just thinking about what we want for Supper. But I challenge you to think into the future a bit and cognitively understand the amount of time that you may be lucky enough to see in the next decade.

10 years.
More than 3,650 days.
And more than 87, thousand hours.
That’s how much time we have in a new decade.

That’s the amount of time (if you’re lucky) that you’re going to have to make the next decade count. You can do with this time what you wish. You can use it to become healthier. You can use it to become wealthier. You can use it to become wiser. You can use it to start a new journey. Or… You can use it to just relax & chill.

Whatever you do…

Recognize that with that choice should come intent. And recognize that the same way it may feel like the years of 2010 flew by — the years of 2020 will do the same.

Here’s a few examples of New Decade Resolutions:

  • Be completely debt free
  • Host # events to raise $$$ for ABC
  • Own XX rental properties
  • Launch & build X products
  • Publish XXX YouTube videos
  • Generating # in revenue from X
  • Donate XX,XXX to charities
  • Publish XX books on Amazon
  • Graduate from ABC
  • Record XX podcast episodes
  • Be in the best shape of my life
  • Run for office
  • Mentor # people a year
  • Learn how to write code
  • Volunteer XXX hours with ABC
  • Retire with $XXX,XXX in the bank
  • Learn how to play chess
  • Be published in ABC
  • Travel to a new country each year
  • Be wealthier than ever before
  • Publish a book on ABC
  • Travel to X countries
  • Visit XX friends overseas
  • Write XX screenplays
  • Speak at XX conferences
  • Workout ### times a year
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn to play an instrument

I’m sure you can think of a few more. Hit me up on Twitter – I’d love to hear them. 


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