The Celebrity Effect – Could Drake sell you Sprite?


If you’ve been following my blog you probably realize that I enjoy music, specifically hip hop.  I enjoy other types of music as well but I grew up listening to the Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B. So understandably, I have an interest in several aspects of the Hip Hop culture.

From Degrassi to Sprite

Which brings me to an advertisement I happened to come across while scanning through some of the videos on advertfan. The ad shows Canadian rapper, Drake (The actor from Degrassi formerly known as Jimmy) in a recording studio. The Director of the Advertisement explains that the concept was to,

Capture in a surreal and visually exciting way – a creative burst or a creative spark.

Take a look for yourself,

Sprite has been targeting the hip hop community for years with their advertising. In the 90’s they brought us, Miles Thirst. A puppet with a boisterous Hip Hop attitude who made the motto, “Obey your thirst” a household phrase.

Show’em mah-motto!

In 2006 however, they traded their agency Ogilvy & Mather, New York, for Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami. Resulting in a completely new marketing strategy which resulted in the  death of Miles Thirst. This change in agency resulted  in the marketing strategy being longer centered around the world of Hip Hop. This advertisement with Drake however, takes Sprite to their Hip Hop roots.

Visually this advertisement does exactly what the company set out to accomplish. It puts together some impressive effects to create an impressive visual. The question is however, will this advertisement truly connect with its audience?

Do Celebrities have a Midas Touch?

I’ll never forget growing up in the 90’s looking forward to Michael Jordan’s name getting announced during the Bulls games. I’ll never forget sitting in a packed theater on the day  grand premiere of Space Jam. For years, Michael Jordan had the Midas touch. When he launched a new sneaker, kids would skip classes just to make sure they were the first ones to get a pair. Even wives were out buying their husbands Hanes just so they could “be like Mike.”

According to Cutting Edge PR,

People live vicariously through the products and services that celebrities are connected with – they relate to status they can only aspire to have in their own lives.

So will it work?

According to this logic, it sure looks that way.