How Brands Can Leverage Content Experiments To Tell Their Story


It’s likely that you already know that the internet is fueled by content.

People are creating more content than ever before.
Brands are creating more content than ever before.

And the number of social networks, videos, podcasts and blogs trying to capture the attention of people is through the roof. For many marketers, the existing landscape of content marketing and branding can be summarized with one word:


But chaos doesn’t always have to be bad.

In fact, a bit of chaos can actually be used to your benefit. The key is to understand how to use chaos to unlock new discoveries and embrace it recognizing it’s out of your control. One of my favorite writers, Chuck Palahniuk put it quite well:

Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.

It’s an idea that I believe should influence the way brands approach marketing. We shouldn’t be afraid to be wrong… We shouldn’t be afraid to look a little stupid… And we shouldn’t be afraid to seem foolish.

We should experiment.

We should experiment with our channels, with our stories and with the approaches we take to reach an audience.We should experiment with content because it gives you the opportunity to differentiate from the competition. We should experiment with marketing because it’s more enjoyable to uncover new opportunities than it is to always follow the leader.

In one of my most recent talks, I dive into this idea of experimenting with content marketing and the role it can play in growing a brand. Plug in some headphones, grab a good cup of coffee, check it out and let me know what you think…