Content Distribution Strategies & Why Channel Experimentation Is Key


Experiments make up the better part of our childhood. We experiment with physics. We experiment with biology. We experiment with nature. We experiment constantly…

A simple yet interesting experiment that quickly captures the attention of any child under the age of 5 is when you take a plastic cup, poke holes in it and then fill it with water. As the water fills the cup and then erupts through the little holes, the eyes of the onlooking child grows with astonishment.

Experimentation is something that we should all embrace no matter our age. Experimenting with new marketing channels. Experimenting with new content formats. Experimenting with new stories…

What I love about the water cup and holes experiment is that it also represents a visual for what happens when you distribute content effectively:

Recently I had the chance to sit down and discuss the power of content distribution strategies, the Sherlock Homeboy method and more with Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at Hubspot and Scott Tousley a growth marketer at Hubspot. In our conversation on the Growth TL;DR, we go deep into content distribution frameworks and discuss tactics that can be leveraged to use content as a way to elevate your brand.

Here’s the episode for your listening pleasure.

Grab a coffee & enjoy:


Now let’s talk about content distribution strategies. 

What you’re looking at right now is an example of a content distribution tactic.

This podcast interview was recorded in February 2020, yet here we are… You hearing (or reading these words) for the first (or second time – shout out to all the people who bookmarked this post and came back)…

That’s what distribution is all about.

How did you get here? It may have been from Twitter? It may have been from LinkedIn? It may have been from an email? And if I play my cards right… You might have even gotten here from a good old fashioned search engine.

This distribution strategy is called Repurposing.

I’m repurposing an asset that has already been published, shared and engaged with in the past and repurposing it in a different format (blog post) with a social sharing asset (the bucket) that will potentially drive more engagement.

If you’re reading these words… It means my distribution efforts were a success.

And if it’s a success… You might want to learn a bit more about how you can leverage content distribution as well. In the video below, I break down a handful of different techniques that marketers can use to distribute their content:

And if that leaves you itching for more… Don’t stress.

I’ve put together a webinar dedicated to content distribution for brands looking to really take their assets to the next level. In this webinar, I break down techniques that I’ve used to get my brands and clients content in front of millions of people using good old fashioned creativity and research. It’s called DREAM: Distribution Rules Everything Around – A Content Distribution Playbook For Ambitious Marketers. Check it out and let me know what you think.