17 Of The Best Content Curation Tools For Discovering Great Content [2020 Update]


Are you LOOKING FOR the best content curation tools to help your company find great content?

Maybe you’re tired of hunting and searching for content and want a tool that can help make your life 10x easier? In this post, it’s my goal to help uncover some of the best content curation tools for marketers.

The best content curation tools of 2019 include:

  1. Scoop.it
  2. BuzzSumo
  3. Feedly
  4. Quuu
  5. Curata
  6. Ahrefs

The vast majority of marketers, agencies and social media managers still manage their social media efforts with spreadsheets and bookmarks. Instead of starting from scratch each morning – technology can help you curate content faster than ever before.

Relying on manual efforts for content curation is a one way street to spending a countless number of hours hunting, digging and looking for great content. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend my time working on challenging projects, hanging with family or building something great.

More and more, marketers and social media managers are looking to technology for content curation tools to help them uncover great content, share it quickly, be more productive, and get detailed analytics surrounding what content works and what doesn’t.

There’s no question that there are plenty of content curation software options for marketers, making it difficult to find the perfect fit. Some of these content curation tools have a focus on the enterprise and some are built for small businesses and startups.

Here’s a look at 17 of the best content curation tools available:

Scoop.it – Content Curation Tool


Scoop.it is a pinterest-esque content curation platform that allows you to pick a topic and within seconds be delivered relevant content. The content is curated by other users on the platform and offers additional topics based on the content being shared in that topic.

Top features:

  • Content suggestions based on big data
  • Choose specific keywords using Boolean search
  • Add your own sources with RSS feeds
  • Filter content based on type
  • Free plan

What’s special about this tool: Scoop.it has a familiar and highly visual interface, making regular curation easy and enjoyable. It’s a great resource for finding content quickly and easily. 

Pricing: Scoop.it is a free tool, with paid options for more robust search.

Triberr – Social Sharing & More


Triberr is an influencer marketing software but offers content curators the ability to discover great content. It’s a community where tribes curate their own content and promote the content of one another. You can join a tribe and very easily begin finding a handful of articles that your audience would find interesting.

Top features:

  • Upload your own content for further reach
  • Add content to your queue with ease
  • Share directly to social media from your feed
  • Engage with other members on Triberr
  • Curate content for a specific audience

What’s special about this tool: Triberr allows you to create up to 3 tribes on their free plan arming you with the ability to share content amongst specific group of people and automate the distribution of each others content.  

Pricing: Scoop.it is a free tool, with two paid plans. Prime Lite is $8.50 a month and offers 7 tribes and Prime is $350 a year with 21 tribes.

Pearltrees – Content Storing Platform


Pearltrees is a content storing platform that is meant to help you discover and store content in your own collection or drop zone. The website also allows you to search for content collections related to your own interests and discover articles & resources that other users have saved. 

Top features:

  • Uncover content being curated by others
  • Save your own content in your own collection
  • Share content directly from Pearltrees
  • Install a Pearltrees extension for saving content

What’s special about this tool: You have the ability to discover content that others are curating for their own usage or for future distribution. Uncover new articles that are a bit more niche and that the rest of the industry has overlooked. 

Pricing: Pearltrees is a paid tool with a 14 day free trial. The first paid plan starts at $2.99 and the most expensive plan is $9.99. 

PublishThis – Curation Tool


PublishThis is a content platform that leverages semantic search and tagging to deliver relevant content. From there, it gives you the ability to monitor the content identified and distribute through your own channels. Publish this allows you to search for content using keywords, topics and places. From there, you’re met with content that can be shared via email or social media channels.

Top features:

  • Semantic aggregation engine
  • Multi-channel distribution for content
  • Robust content recirculation
  • Flexible user management

What’s special about this tool: PublishThis offers a robust tagging system that allows you to better understand what content works well and what should be used again in the future.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $499/mo and goes up to $999/mo.

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Pinterest – Pinning Is A Great Distro Channel

Pinterest is best described as a kind of online pinboard – mostly for collecting visual pieces of content. Pinterest lets you create boards around your interests, anything from futurology and motorbikes to summer holidays and inspiration, and pin content onto it. The content you pin all include an image and a link that drives back to the source which can be a blog or infographic. Using Pinterest search you can uncover great content that is likely interesting to your audience.

Top features:

  • Uncover great visuals that people love
  • Easy to use and browse this platform
  • Search content by domain to find their best pieces
  • Share directly to social media from Pinterest

What’s special about this tool: You can view Pinterest as a visual search engine in addition to an online pinboard. Type in a few keywords and within seconds be met with a handful of beautiful images that can be shared with links.  

Pricing: Pinterest is a free way for content marketers to find great content. 

Quuu – Great Tool For Curating Your Stories


Quuu is a hand-curated content suggestion platform that connects to your Buffer queue. Quuu offers content suggestions to curators based on the content suggestions made by other users who upload content to the platform. Quuu offers you the ability to have content shared for you or give you the chance to manually approve content before it goes live.

Top features:

  • Automated content distribution
  • You can also promote content through QuuuPromote
  • Integrates with both Buffer & Hubspot

What’s special about this tool: You can view Pinterest as a visual search engine in addition to an online pinboard. Type in a few keywords and within seconds be met with a handful of beautiful images that can be shared with links.  

Pricing: Quuu offers a number of plans, ranging from free to $30/month. 

DrumUp – The Social Media Curation Tool


DrumUp is a social media management and content curation tool that helps you uncover great blog posts and resources on a specific topic. It allows you to distribute and publish content across a variety of different social media channels with ease.

Top features:

  • Save content to a library for future sharing
  • View scheduled content in calendar format
  • Edit and delete posts before they’re shared
  • Built in link shortener

What’s special about this tool: DrumUp is simple. It’s not going to overwhelm you with a handful of different features and functions because it’s straight forward. DrumUp has a very simple and clean UI which creates a highly effective workflow.

Pricing: DrumUp offers a free plan along with a paid subscription starting at $15 a month.  

Nuzzel – The Legend For Twitter Insight


Nuzzel is a web and mobile app that helps you see the content that your connections are sharing. It was named a top app by the New York Times and Time Magazine in 2016 and is built to help you stay in the loop on what content is trending. Using Nuzzel you can quickly identify content that is about to go viral or curate content directly into a newsletter format.

Top features:

  • Email recap of the content trending
  • Easily use on the go with the Nuzzel App
  • Slack & Facebook messenger integration
  • Share directly from Nuzzel

What’s special about this tool: The best part about Nuzzel is that it can save you time from hunting through your newsfeed to uncover what’s trending. It delivers the best content by tracking what your connections are sharing 24-7.

Pricing: Nuzzel is a free service.

Feedly – The RSS King


Feedly is a news aggregator application that allows you to easily view the latest content from your favorite resources online. Whether it’s New York Times or Mashable, Feedly makes it easy to stay on top of the latest content being shared on a specific site or using a specific keyword.

Top features:

  • Very user friendly design
  • Secure access to private content
  • Save content to read later via third parties
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more

What’s special about this tool: The vast integrations that Feedly has is one of the biggest benefits of using it for content curation. You can integrate it with OneNote 365, Trello, Slack, Hootsuite and Evernote Business.

Pricing: Feedly offers up to 100 feeds for free. The Pro plan is $5.41 or $18 for a team.

The Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs lets you curate content based on the aim you pursue – a massive flow of traffic, strong backlink profile or tons of social shares. You can go even further and set a threshold for each metric, mention an author, include or exclude specific terms, set a word count, and much more. If you are choosy about content, Ahrefs Content Explorer is a go-to tool for you.

Top features:

  • Narrow down your search with multiple filters and sorting options
  • Set a timeframe to see what’s been trending lately
  • Check SEO power of each post (referring domains, backlinks, anchor text, organic keywords)
  • Track SEO and social progress of each post on charts
  • Identify websites that could potentially link to your content
  • Seek inspiration from your competitors’ content that went viral
  • Get reports about link building opportunities (mentions of your brand, competitors or anything related to both of you)

What’s special about this tool: Ahrefs has the largest content index at the moment. 5 million pages a day is the easy bit for it. That way, you’ll come up with much more killer ideas than users of other tools.

Pricing: You can try Ahrefs for 7 days and then subscribe to one of its plans starting at $99 per month.

Trap.it – Brilliant Tool For Capturing Content


Trap.it is a content curation and social selling service that helps you manage employee advocacy and more. Using Trap.it you can discover relevant content within minutes to be shared via email, LinkedIn or on social media. 

Top features:

What’s special about this tool: The vast integrations that Feedly has is one of the biggest benefits of using it for content curation. You can integrate it with OneNote 365, Trello, Slack, Hootsuite and Evernote Business.

Pricing: Not available.

Pressly – Curate, Create & Share


Pressly is a content marketing tool for enterprise companies. A single Pressly hub offers users the ability to centralize, distribute and optimize their content across their various channels. In particular, it allows users to connect their entire organization and teams to the same content. 

Top features:

  • Content hubs for internal content organization
  • Easy for team members to share with their own networks
  • Drag and drop newsletters

What’s special about this tool: Pressly offers the ability to discover great content but more than anything, it’s about assisting in ensuring your entire team can curate content with ease.

Pricing: According to IQClick, prices start at $499 per month/user.

Pocket – Save Your Writing But Also Share


Pocket is a service for storing web pages and articles that you can read whenever you want. It’s a tool that offers content discovery as well arming you with the ability to search for content on specific topics and be met with links that have been trending or considered ‘must reads’. 

Top features:

  • Explore trending content through tags
  • Content recommendations get smarter as you use
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Chrome extension to easily save content

What’s special about this tool: Pocket isn’t limited to just saving articles as you can also save images and video in one place.

Pricing: Pocket can be used for free or for $44.99/yr for an ad-free experience. 

ContentGems – Great Way To Find Content


ContentGems is a web platform that allows people to gather, edit and curate the most relevant content online. It’s self-described as a content discovery engine that scans thousands of articles before creating a stream of content for you to consume and share. The tool lets you filter content by social signals, keywords and other settings to identify resources and content that you can share on social media.

Top features:

  • Plug content into newsletters, social media and more
  • Share content manually or automatically
  • Monitor any website with an RSS feed
  • Filter content by signals

What’s special about this tool: ContentGems offers an API to automatically present timely and relevant content to your mobile or web app customers. Tip: use API monitoring to ensure correct functionality. 

Pricing: You can use ContentGems for free or pay $99/mos for their business plan or $199/mos for their agency plan.

BuzzSumo – Social Curation Efforts


BuzzSumo is one of the most popular content marketing research tools that helps you uncover insights surrounding the success of content being shared by authors and domains. Using BuzzSumo, you can type in a domain or keyword and be met with a handful of resources within seconds that are related to those terms or articles published on that domain.

Top features:

  • See the total number of shares on a resource
  • Uncover the most viral content from a site
  • Filter content by type
  • Identify content shared by authors

What’s special about this tool: BuzzSumo is a great tool for uncovering the best content (ranked by shares) published by an individual or a website. 

Pricing: You can use a limited number of BuzzSumo searches before needing to upgrade to their $79/month or $239/month plan.

Curata – Curate, Plan & Measure


Curata is an enterprise solution that offers brands the ability to curate content using domains, keywords and phrases. The service will deliver the most relevant content automatically to your feed for distribution on your own networks or internally across your organization. Curata learns and dynamically adapts to your content preferences helping ensure that you’re only sharing the best content online.

Top features:

  • Crowdsource curation from your team
  • Curate content from browser extension 
  • Add your own unique perspective to curated content
  • Filter content by relevancy & timing

What’s special about this tool: Curata is an enterprise service that goes above and beyond curation. It offers the ability to create content directly in their platform as well. 

Pricing: According to some resources, Curata starts at $1,500 on a month-to-month basis.

Zest.is – Great Tool For Finding Great Content

Zest.is is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to browse, store and share top marketing content. Once added, every time you open a new tab, you’re provided with a feed of content suggested by marketers for marketers, right in your browser. On the platform, you can customize your theme and add tags to filter for the most relevant content to you, or simply sort through the most popular content (most shared; most clicked) or the most recently added. You can also follow other marketers to see what types of content they’re saving and sharing.

Top features:

  • Content curated by marketing pros
  • Ability to suggest/submit your own content or other great content you’ve found
  • Filter for video and audio content, popular content, most recent content, or by tags
  • Add your favourite social links and Google apps
  • Integration with Slack and Trello for further sharing and management

What’s special about this tool: The moderators selecting/approving the content do so manually. With that, you can be sure the content you’re sharing is very high-quality and coming from reputable sources.

Pricing: Free to use the tool and all baseline features. There is an added feature to get your content boosted, which gets you 10x more clicks on your content, but this involves an approval process, waiting list, and an undisclosed cost.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments and experiences with content curation tools in the comments below.