130 ChatGPT Prompts: How To Use Them & Why They Matter (For Marketers)


Chefs need frying pans.
Docs need stethoscopes.
Plumbers need wrenches.
Marketers need ChatGPT. 

I know some people will hate that. But I’m convinced that ChatGPT can save you over 200+ hours of time next year if you learn how to use it. I’ve been working on a swipe file filled with over 130 prompts that marketers can use and will be launching it in 2024. At the end of this email, I’ll share you a link to the presale. But first… 

I want to give you some value. Here’s 5 simple ways that ChatGPT can help marketers get more done in 2024: 

Create Long Form Content

Want to create an in-depth resource or guide on how to do something? ChatGPT can help you write this content at a rate 3x faster than usual. Don’t bang your head up against your keyboard trying to find inspiration. 

ChatGPT can help you create long form content at scale on almost any topic. You will need to review it at the end and make edits but the time to deliver is faster. 

PROMPT: You’re a digital marketing strategist who writes about [TOPIC]. Write a long form blog post that goes in-depth talking about this subject. Spend some time researching the topic online before writing the blog post and make sure the piece is both in-depth and research heavy. Thanks a ton! 

Create SOPs For Delegating Tasks 

What are tasks that you have to do every single day or every other week that could be passed off to someone else on your team? Have you ever wished you had time to write an SOP for them but haven’t had the time. 

Let ChatGPT support you in this.

PROMPT: You’re required to delegate the following task: [DESCRIBE THE TASK]. The direction you provide needs to be very in-depth and detailed. Include bullet points throughout the descriptions and make a standard operating procedures document that shows how anyone can achieve [OUTCOME] when doing [TASK]. Please break it down in-depth and add lots of details so almost anyone can do it. 

Craft Drip Campaigns For Lead Magnets

You just launched an amazing free resource. It’s getting tons of traction but you’re not doing anything with all the people submitting their email to download it. 

What should you do? 

Get ChatGPT to write a drip campaign that will nurture those downloads into a sales process that drives revenue for your business. 

PROMPT: You’re one of the best email copywriters in the world. You’re a blend between Gary Halbert and [INSERT FAV WRITER HERE]. You’ve been tasked with creating an email sequence that will be sent to people who download [DESCRIBE ASSET] and nurtures them through 5 different emails that share the benefits of our main product offering: [DESCRIBE PRODUCT] without coming off too salesy. We want to nurture the relationship but also create some urgency around getting them to buy. 

Design Compelling Graphics For Content

Graphic design is being threatened by DALL-E and Midjourney in a very real way. It’s fascinating to watch. 

If you upload a blog post to ChatGPT and ask it to create a great image that can be used as the cover photo for a blog — it does a pretty good job at creating these graphics without the back and forth with a designer. This is a huge unlock for marketers. 

PROMPT: Read this blog post [LINK] and propose a graphic that can be used as the header image and be the graphic that shows up when shared on social. Once you have the idea – Create that image. 

Develop Customer Personas

It’s sometimes time consuming to do persona work. Especially if you’re a startup or small business. Instead of spending thousands with a consultant — Ask ChatGPT to support you in developing personas that can be used to guide your marketing engine at large. 

PROMPT: We are a [DESCRIBE BUSINESS] who competes with brands like [COMPETITOR], [COMPETITOR] and [COMPETITOR]. Do some online research to understand these businesses and then develop 4 customer personas that you think would align with our ideal customer. Please go in-depth.

Want more? I’ve launched the AI Marketing Console to help marketers get more out of ChatGPT. 

You can order it here