40 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur


There are two types of  people in the world.

Entrepreneurs and everyone else.

Entrepreneurs are folks who create things. Entrepreneurs are folks who live on their own terms. Entrepreneurs are a special group of people who have a passion for solving a certain problem and then create something that fixes it. You might have what it takes to be an entrepreneur but never really knew if it was a possibility.

You may have had thoughts about starting your own business but never quite made the leap from the 9 to 5 into entrepreneurship. You may have thought of various side hustle ideas, or thought about starting an agency, but never brought them to life. You may have second guessed whether or not you had what it takes when in reality, you had all the right signs. In this post, I’m going to share with you the 40 signs that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you can connect with one, you might have what it takes.

If you connect with forty, you definitely have what it takes.

Either way, we’re going to talk about some of the things that differentiate entrepreneurs from everyone else. Let’s dive in…

1. You’re comfortable in isolation. 

Entrepreneurship requires nights alone doing things that no one else can do. It requires moments alone and moments where you can motivate yourself without any assistance.

2. You can dream big.

Entrepreneurs can think big picture. Entrepreneurs can see what the future holds before it takes shape.

3. You tackle the small stuff. 

Entrepreneurs know how to sweat the small stuff. Entrepreneurs embrace the idea of doing the little things so they can achieve the big things.

4. You wake up hungry. 

Entrepreneurs wake up with an itch to create value, build things and achieve their goals.

5. You read lots.

The more you learn, the more you earn. If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to make a commitment to reading lots.

6. You value education over entertainment. 

Whether we’re talking about TV or Podcasts, entrepreneurs are more likely to consume content that helps them grow (such as content shared on this website) than content that makes them laugh. Entrepreneurs place value on learning about the world around them and gaining insight around how they can be a better and more efficient entrepreneur.

7. You don’t mind being uncomfortable.

Entrepreneurs are people who know that you’re going to have to make tough choices and go through tough situations. Entrepreneurs understand that there is a direct relationship between uncomfortable moments and success. The more uncomfortable situations you face, the more likely you’ll find situations that result in greatness (even if it means selling a business that didn’t work out).

8. You’re a student of history. 

The best entrepreneurs usually have someone who they look up to and aspire to emulate. Whether it’s in their personal life or professional life, the best entrepreneurs know someone who they see as a success and they’ve studied the steps they’ve taken to get there.

9. You value hard work. 

The best entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and putting in late nights (Tweet this).

10. You value smart work. 

The best entrepreneurs are willing to work hard but they’re more focused around working smart. If you’re constantly looking for ways to be more effective and efficient; you’re more likely to find a competitive advantage.

11. You’re confident. 

The best entrepreneurs are very confident in their ability to deliver value to their customers.

12. You’re insecure. 

Insecurity is something that strikes everyone from folks on the red carpet in Hollywood to the owner of a Mom & Pops shop in the country. The insecurity of an entrepreneur is what fuels their passion for constant development and what forces them to work hard.

13. You hate the status quo. 

The best entrepreneurs despise mediocrity.

14. You don’t mind failure. 

Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to fall down or stumble. Entrepreneurs recognize that failure is a part of the journey and are willing to struggle a little to achieve a lot.

15. You’ve been asked if you have ADHD.

The founder of IKEA and the founder of Virgin mobile both have come out and expressed that ADHD was their super power in achieving success. Entrepreneurs are usually people who are constantly thinking and wanting to keep moving.

16. You’re passionate about problems. 

The best entrepreneurs see something they hate and obsess over the solution.

17. You don’t need to be liked. 

Entrepreneurs understand that they’ll often have to make decisions that ruffle feathers. It’s challenging to become successful without pissing at least one person off and entrepreneurs understand and accept this reality.

18. You can work from anywhere. 

Whether it’s on a plan or in the back of a cab – entrepreneurs have the ability and understand the importance of being able to work from anywhere, anytime.

19. You don’t work well with authority. 

If you’re currently employed or you despise your manager, it’s likely that it’s time to look at kickstarting your very own side hustle. A side hustle can be the first and biggest step towards writing a new chapter in your life (Tweet this).

20. You read blogs and subscribe to business newsletters.

If you’re someone who is constantly reading the Business section of EliteDaily or subscribe to newsletters like mine, it’s obvious that you’re committed to personal and professional growth.

21. You love planning. 

Are you someone who takes control over weekend plans and gives direction to all those around you? If so, you’re showing a sign of delegation and leadership. Two key traits that are found in the great entrepreneurs.

22. You’re a hustler.

The best entrepreneurs embrace the hustle. These individuals aren’t willing to be outworked under any situation. These individuals are willing to make the phone calls that make other nervous or request the meetings that others think will be rejected. The hustlers of the world are persistent when they see something they want and are determined to make dreams become realities. You might already have a side hustle on the go or are itching to get started. Either way, the hustle is within you.

23. You’re weird.

If you’re considered weird by anyone, that’s not a bad thing. Entrepreneurs are rarely like everyone else. Or at least, the people who know them well understand that they have some quirks and unusual perspectives.

24. You enjoy debate.

Entrepreneurs don’t mind having a thoughtful debate. Most entrepreneurs prefer thoughtful and deep conversations over meaningless chats about the weather and Kim Kardashian (Tweet this).

25. You look for outlets wherever you go. 

It’s not an obsession. It’s simply a requirement for finding the best seat at a coffee shop or airport. Where there’s a plug, there’s a way.

26. Wifi only destinations. 

Entrepreneurs check for wifi whenever they book travel. It’s rare this day and age to find a place that doesn’t have wifi in their hotel or villa but it’s possible. Entrepreneurs always ensure that there’s wifi or they’re going somewhere else.

27. You have a general interest in people. 

Entrepreneurs love their work but they are deeply connect the the human race. The best entrepreneurs love people watching and love talking with people in situations that allow them to gain perspective about their life and personal perspective.

28. You hang out with people smarter than you.

The best entrepreneurs understand the value of their relationships and surround themselves with people who can help them grow. Whether it’s through mentorship programs or conversations, the best entrepreneurs connect with people who can challenge their thinking and help them grow professionally and personally.

29. You seek out advisors and feedback. 

The best entrepreneurs have a mentor or an advisor they can lean on when looking for insight. Sometimes that advisor or mentor doesn’t know they’re in this role, sometimes they do.

30. You hack your life. 

Do you use apps like Uber, AirBnb, TaskRabbit or IFTTT? If so, you’re hacking your life with technology and optimizing it. This is a trait of an entrepreneur who values their time and embraces the idea of being efficient.

31. You live by your calendar.

Entrepreneurs have things on the go day in and day out. As a result, the best entrepreneurs have become glued to their calendars and use their calendars as a guideline for what they need to do from day to day.

32. You were a young hustlers. 

Entrepreneurs often have stories about selling candy, lemonade or baseball cards as a youngin.

33. You don’t need direction. 

Entrepreneurs don’t need a boss to tell them they need to go write a blog post. Entrepreneurs don’t need a boss to tell them to send out thank you letters to customers. Entrepreneurs don’t need direction from someone else to move their business forward.

34. You value time.

Entrepreneurs understand that their time is the most valuable asset they own. It’s the one thing that people will try to take from them week in and week out and the one thing they must protect as much as they can.

35. You’ve got someone to prove wrong.

It might sound silly and immature but lots of entrepreneurs are driven to prove someone who doubted them, rejected them or ridiculed them wrong. It could be an ex, it could be a bully, it could be a parent or even a teacher – if this drives you, it can act as the fuel for your fire and lead you to success for many years.

36. You play hard. 

Entrepreneurs understand balance and if you’re working extremely hard, it’s often required to play extremely hard as well.

37. You’re always looking for opportunities.

Entrepreneurs see opportunities for new businesses everywhere they go. Whether it’s travelling around the world or simply browsing the web; entrepreneurs find problems quickly and look for solutions.

38. You research for fun. 

Do you take time after having arguments with people to fact check everything from Peer Reviewed journals to market research? If so, you’re obsession for the truth is a clear trait of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

39. You follow more Inspiration accounts on Instagram than people.

If your newsfeed on Instagram is filled with motivational instagram accounts and not just people and food shots, that’s a sign of an entrepreneur.

40. You embrace change. 

While most people despise the idea of doing something new, entrepreneurs embrace it. Entrepreneurs enjoy change when it’s going to result in something better.

Are you or someone you know showing these signs of what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If so, it’s time to scratch that itch.  If you’ve already scratched it and are already deep into the world of entrepreneurship, it’s fair to assume you’ve made the right choice.

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding ride but one that is filled with ups and downs. Understanding that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur is one best ways to stay inspired and keep chasing that dream. In moments of struggle, come back to this list and realize that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and have what it takes to succeed.

In moments where you second guess your commitment, come back to this list and realize that you’re on the right track and turn obstacles into opportunities. If you’ve connected with these signs of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is where you need to be.

Share this list with someone who needs to see it. You might be the reason they start or you might be the reason they keep going.

So tell me:

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? What’s holding you back? 

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