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Whether you’re looking for a talk to motivate and inspire or inform and entertain; I’ve delivered presentations around the world.



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I help businesses make sense of content marketing. Whether it’s in planning or execution – it’s all about results.



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Technology has changed the game. I’ll help you build and execute digital plans that achieve meaningful results.


STAND OUT: The Content Marketing Guide

Standing out is the difference between businesses who thrive and those who merely survive. The internet has given businesses large and small an opportunity to tell their story in a more effective and efficient way than ever before. This  book will act as a Content Marketing Guide for any entrepreneur or marketing team looking to generate meaningful and measurable results from their communications efforts.

It’s scheduled to be launched in the April of 2014.

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Build a Successful Side Hustle

This book is about getting what you want in life. It’s about the journey to becoming a hustler and how to achieve success in business and life. It’s about the hustlers spirit and it’s about leveling up mentally. It’s about earning more, establishing employment freedom and living the life you’ve always wanted.

It’s scheduled to be launched in the Winter of 2014.

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