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“If you don't want to quit your job - but you do want to
make an extra $500 or $800 a month, that's cool.
I can show you how to do that. But if you're looking
to get rich quick (with no work) - this isn't for you.”

“Over the course of your life, it's the conversations you have and the books you read that will shape who you become .”







Hey Hustler - Thanks for reading! I'm Ross Simmonds, the co-founder of multiple startups and a thriving consulting business. I've worked with everything from Fortune 500 companies to some of the fastest growing startups around. I've been published in Forbes, Inc, VentureBeat, EliteDaily and was listed by Mashable at #5 for top Snapchat Marketers in the world. 

But look:

You're not here to learn about me...

You're here because you've been itching to find out exactly what you need to do to set yourself up to launch a side business or take your current side business to the next level. I've used plenty of the strategies and tactics highlighted in this guide for my own businesses but I get a thrill out of showing people like you how to "do it yourself" without making entrepreneurship sound like rocket science.

The Hustle Pack is filled with pretty much everything I know. 

By the time you finish reading everything here, you'll know:

            1. How to pick a business idea that MAKES MONEY instead of 
              spending precious time trying to come up with the next big thing.

            2. The FIVE principles that go into picking a SIDE HUSTLE that is
                more likely to last and have the potential to become a MAIN hustle.

            3. How to PLAN YOUR ESCAPE from the 9 to 5 in a way that
                doesn't burn bridges and gives you a safety net to land on.

            4. How to PROMOTE and MARKET your business like a BOSS.

Of all the things you're going to learn here, it's the ability
to promote & market your business that will truly
give you the chance to OWN your market and escape
reach that monthly revenue goal. Here's why...

1. The section about relationships and content marketing is exactly what I used to get featured on Forbes, Elite Daily & Venture Beat.

2. The concept around storytelling is what I used to build a handful of presentations went viral and reached more than 1.5M people. 

3. The section on developing a system & process is what helped me turn my business that made about $45,000 a year into a business making more than a quarter million. 

4. I've been interviewed by radio stations, TV news, podcasts, major publications & more blogs than I can count. The actual scripts I used to lock these in are included in this Hustle Pack.

How do I deliver on all of this?

The Hustle Pack: A Collection Of Resources That Will Show Arm You With Everything You Need To Escape The 9 To 5 & Build A Thriving Business

The Hustle Pack isn't just one resource. It's some of my best work.

And it starts with the Hustle Manifesto. A digital ebook that includes a mixture of tactical execution and instruction, along with some deep theory and research acked insights from myself & a handful of successful entrepreneurs from around the world. My goal when I wrote the Hustle Manifesto was quite straight forward... I wanted to give you the info I wish I knew before I sent in my resignation... I want to give you the knowledge I wish I had before I launched my first (and second) business that fell flat on their face...

The Manifesto is meant to... 


Help You Launch A Side Hustle & Take It From 0 to 100

That's the goal of the Hustle Manifesto.

And it achieves that. But... I want you to be able to not only take your business from 0 to 100. I want you to be able to launch a business that has the potential to change your life. I want you to be able to USE my knowledge, my experience and my information to pay for the price of the Hustle Pack over and over and over and over again....

That's why I'm throwing in some PERKS.

The first perk I'm throwing in is:

A 26 week Hustle Challenge. This resource isn't meant to be read from front to back. It's meant to be read as a tutorial and acted on weekly. I'll give you different tasks and challenges each week that will help you grow professionally and personally.

If you complete one of these challenges between the time you download this resource and week 26, you will see a difference in your life, bank account and in the way you interact with those around you. 

The Hustle Challenges are NOT for everyone.

This resource is for those who are looking to challenge themselves to get uncomfortable and do things that will force them to level up. If you're okay with living life as you're currently living, this perk might not matter to you... Keep reading, I've got more... 

If you're not that person, if you're looking for a challenge - This perk alone might give you exactly what you need to have the Hustle Pack pay for itself in just a few short weeks. 

When you order the Hustle Pack today, you're also going to recieve:

I'll never forget the day. I was sitting at my cubicle a few minutes after lunch and my coffee was still warm enough to do the trick but not warm enough to give me joy. I was working on a marketing campaign and overheard my colleague be told by their boss that it was unrealistic to want to travel the world while they were in their 30s. I immediately got cold sweats. They pointed to me and suggested that my two week trip to Italy was a once in a lifetime trip and that it was good that I got it out of the way because as you get older, there's no time for that...

Those cold sweats almost turned into hives. For some reason, this highly respected professional was conditioned to believing that you should use your retirement to travel and use your 20s and 30s to do nothing but hustle & grind.

Excuse me while I throw up a little... 

We live in a world where you can launch a business at the age of 14 and make thousands of dollars. We live in a world where you can travel for cheaper than ever before. We live in a world where you can put systems in place that result in you spending only a few hours a week while working a 9 to 5 and recieve push notifications from a banking app to confirm the hundreds or even thousands of dollars being sent to your account each month. 

You Don't Have To Leave Your Job
To Benefit From The Hustle Pack. But...
You Have To Promise Me That You're Going To Use  The Extra Cash To Live The Good Life

My first taste of entrepreneurship came from launching a side hustle. And I escaped the 9 to 5 once and for all after implementing the system and ideas I share in the Hustle Pack


I wasn't born into wealth. I wasn't the smartest kid in school. I was an average student with less than average circumstances. But I took an opportunity called the internet and used it to grow a thriving business that has offered me many luxuries. I've gone on to share these ideas with thousands of entrepreneurs for free on my personal site, networks like Facebook,, Elite Daily, Forbes, MSN and the hundreds of thousands of people who follow my startups Instagram account. Why do I share so freely?

Because it was through blogs, emails, interviews and conversations with people from all over the world who had achieved success that gave me the insights I needed to win. And you can find tons of free information on all of these sites (including my own) to get an advantage. 

We live in the information age. 

Lots of information is free. But the best information tends to be behind closed doors. 

But here's a little SECRET that most people don't realize: right now, if you have access to reading these words, it's very possible that you have access to all the information you need to change your life. Not because of what I've built. But because you have an internet connection and with that you can uncover research, resources, templates and guides to building the life of your dreams and the skills you need to make that happen. You have the ability to reach out to influencers, experts and some of the worlds brightest minds through email. You have the ability to put in the thousands of hours (just like I did) to change your life.

But the trade off, is the time.

I've been an entrepreneur since High School. I've been an internet entrepreneur since my 2nd year of University. It all started with selling products via eBay and affilliate marketing and eventually evolved to running an eCommerce site, a software company and providing consulting services to both startups and Fortune 500 companies

Some of the lessons I've learned over the years were only discovered by taking action, running experiments, wasting money and falling flat on my face. Take my very first article published on FORBES for example... 

Any Joe-Blow can set the goal: I want to be published in FORBES. 

But learning how to do it more than once takes a bit of experimentation and hustle. I was able to unlock a not-so-obvious insight about a relationship that Forbes had at the time and use it to my advantage. With the insights shared in the Hustle Pack, I was able to replicate this success with multiple sites for multiple brands over and over again...

You might not be aiming for FORBES but I've used this same system to get local press over and over again. And that's one very good reason why you should be itching to get the Hustle Pack and use it to share your own story. 

Here's another reason:

How Do I Know That This Is Possible For Almost Anyone With Wifi & A Bit Of Hustle?

It's Fun And Exciting To Have The Chance To Travel The World, Pick Up The Tab & Not NEED Your 9 to 5 Paycheck To Survive

From Croatia & Italy to France & Cuba - My passion has always been travelling and seeing new parts of the world. If you have kids, your priorities might be more focused on paying for their tuition. If you're still early in your career, it might simply be the chance to pick up the tab on a night out with friends without stressing over the amount.  

In the Hustle Pack, I'm arming you with multiple resources that will help you identify and build a business that can deliver on all of these things. Now, I'm not niave to think you don't have other questions... 

When you launch a business, there are tons of things you need to consider. Do I need to set up a website right away? Should I charge people by the hour? How much should my hourly rate be? Do I tell my boss that I'm starting a side business? How do I get the word out about my business? And on and on and on...

Let's put it this way: The Hustle Manifesto is a beast. I have answers to almost every possible and conceivable question about taking the steps between working the 9 to 5 and making the leap. I have the answers to all your questions about running a successful business while working the 9 to 5 in general. I've made The Hustle Pack to not only act as a way for you tread the Hustle Manifesto and go about your way - I've created it to deliver a simple, fail-safe, easy to execute system that anybody can use. 

When I decided to put together The Hustle Pack as a digital resource, I did it because I want to empower folks like you to do this on your own. I didn't want to host a four month in-person course or host a fancy seminar at a handful of different hotel lobbies. I didn't want to do this because I didn't want to pass along the cost to you for the room, travel or food. Another reason I took this approach was because as much as I want to help, I still need to be able to look my clients in the face when I send them an invoice for my consultation services for 8-10x the cost of this resource...  

The Hustle Pack requires an investment of just $197.00. And what you get with the Hustle Pack isn't limited to what you've read about so far....

20+ EMAIL SCRIPTS FOR FREELANCERS: You're already getting a bunch of templates in the Hustle Manifesto but I've decided to give you ALL the email scripts that I have used reliably for the last four years. These are the exact emails that I have used successfully to get paid on time, close deals and land media coverage. There are scripts in here that you can use for almost every purpose.

FREELANCE PROPOSAL TEMPLATE: Building on top of the email scripts, this is a resource for people who are looking to get into the service industry. Whether you're a graphic designer, web developer or marketer looking to close deals - this proposal template is a great starting point for creating a pitch that will not only close deals but give them a nudge towards picking the best rate. 

DIRECT ACCESS TO ME FOR A QUESTION: I wish I could spend hours on top of hours chatting with ambitious hustlers but I've got bills to pay too! But for the people who buy the Hustle Pack - I'm going to do something a bit out of the ordinary. I usually take months to get back to folks in my inbox. But if you buy The Hustle Pack, I will get back to with an answer to any question you ask about entrepreneurship. 

So here's the deal:

The Hustle Pack is $197.00 and you will get instant access to The Hustle Manifesto, The 26 Hustle Challenge, The 20+ Email Scripts, 5 Exclusive Interviews, A Proposal Template & Direct Access To Yours Truly. 

Ok, but how do I know the Hustle Pack is for me.


If you're someone who doesn't have the ability to focus on a goal and would rather read a book than take the time to actually work...This might not be a good fit. Furthermore, if you're struggling to get by day after day - I don't want you to go into debt to get this guide... Get your finances in order first... If you think this will give you a quick escape from the 9 to 5 without the good ol fashioned hustle.. I don't think this resource is for you. 

But if you're willing to hustle, implement these systems, stick to the challenges and NOT give up after first glance - I want you to download The Hustle Pack. I want you to not only download The Hustle Pack and win. I want you to hold me accountable to delivering you value that can change your life. If the Hustle Pack doesn't help you win - I will give you an entire hour of my time free of charge to see what went wrong & how we can fix it.

That's my personal gaurantee.  

But this product comes with no refunds. Why?

Because this isn't a phonecase with a defect. The same way you don't get refunds on a University education, you don't get a refund on this education (which won't put you $30,000+ in the hole). I know that will turn some people off. I'm okay with that. Because I'm not looking for people to buy the Hustle Pack that will come back 2 weeks in itching for their money back because they couldn't find time to execute. I want people who see value in investing in themselves and are willing to hold themselves accountable to execute.

Order The Hustle Pack NowOrder The Hustle Pack Now ($197)Order The Hustle Manifesto ($97)