Google, You’re Really Starting to Kill My Buzz

Twitter was more exciting than ever. Google Wave was showing signs of collaboration success. And foursquare finally unleashed an App for Blackberry users.

Life was good.

Then Google decides to reveal a new baby. Google Buzz.

Picture this, you’re out at the bar with 3 of your buddies (Twitter, Foursquare & Wave) and you’re having a great time.  The laughs are rolling in, the stories are being shared and then suddenly Waves phone rings. He tells you that his sister is on her way and way but not to worry cause she’s just like one of the guys. He insists on telling you that she’s brilliant and will take the night to a whole new level.  What you didn’t know, was that when he said just like one of the guys – He meant, she’s like ALL OF THE GUYS. She brings absolutely nothing new to the table, except she enjoys airing the dirty laundry about everyone she meets!

This is fairly similar to the Google Buzz situation. Not only is the name a rip off, its logo isn’t pretty!

Google, is it really necessary to run the entire web? Stick to what you’re good at; Search and buying the little guys. If you want to make your users happy come up with a way to make Wave, Flawless. Once you do that feel free to turn Buzz into a buzzing Machine! Until then, you’re killing my buzz and I don’t like it.

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