I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist who knows how to execute & deliver results.


Having fans and followers are great, but if those connections don’t convert into actual dollars, it doesn’t matter. My approach is driven by creating strategies and content that will move the needle for your business. 

Winston Churchill once said, however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. I don’t just look at the results occasionally, I obsess over them.

Results are the backbone of business.

I’m not going to spend time analyzing ways to spin your follower count into something you should call a success; you’ll notice success because the results will be meaningful and measurable.

What do I help brands achieve? What do I offer?

Digital & Content Marketing Strategy:

It’s hard to get where you’re going if you don’t know how to get there. I’ve worked with everything from Fortune 500 brands to some of the fastest growing startups in developing digital marketing plans.  I work with businesses to identify their existing goals and objectives and develop a plan that will allow them to achieve that goal through both digital and content marketing.

Wondering how I think about digital? Here’s some of my work:

Content Marketing Development:

It’s more important than ever to create content that is unique and compelling enough to be shared.

I work with a team of writers, photographers designers and planners that will allow us to create everything from compelling infographics and ebooks to rich blog posts and videos. Here’s a bit of insight surrounding the process and what me and the team has done:

I work with a team of content creators that understand what it takes to generate content worth sharing. The content we’ve developed has been seen by millions and share by thousands of people all over the world. From Instagram content and Slideshare decks to Blog Posts and Infographics – the possibilities for the type of content we can bring to life for your brand are endless.

Let's Work Together.

Whether it’s developing a unique application that sparks conversations around the country or implementing SEO tactics that drive relevant traffic; I’m here to generate results for your business. I work with clients to create top-notch content, unlock the power of content distribution and drive meaningful traffic to their site.

This is just a taste of the services I offer my clients.

If you’re looking to learn more, check out Foundation.

Let's Work Together.

My approach to Digital & Content Marketing is not for you if…

1. You don’t believe in accountability. I focus on doing things that will generate results and not doing things for the sake of doing them. I put results before everything and want to work with people who are hungry for generating meaningful & measurable results for the businesses they’re building or work for.

2. You’re looking for me to submit a response to an RFP.

3. You would rather use a team of people in-house who don’t eat, sleep, and dream about digital marketing. If you want to spend more than 10,000 hours training your employees or send them off to digital marketing workshops and conferences; go for it. Through self-education, a deep obsession, and constantly striving to learn more; I’ve learned how to use digital marketing to help my clients find success. I’m more than happy to provide you and your staff with a social media workshop if you want the work done in-house.

That said, my services are for you if you want unique ideas, strategic thinking, compelling content, content strategies that work and extensive digital marketing. I’m currently working as a digital marketing consultant (because I love to help great people), speaking at conferences/events and working with a great team on a new startup called Crate and another called Hustle & Grind.

Let's Work Together.

What do the people I’ve worked with have to say?

“In an age where our world seems to be stormed by digital content and context – Ross is a beacon of light – a safe harbour. Not only does he provide excellent strategic advice on how to navigate the ever changing landscape of our new online world but he does it with grace and style, in a language that we can all understand. I have learned so much from Ross and would recommend that if anyone is looking for a sound, solid and creative strategist to be your guide.” – Kristi W (Director)

“Ross is a fully dialed-in social media guru whose creativity and enthusiasm for innovation is boundless. I’ve seen Ross in action on many occasions as both a speaker during my years in tourism and, now, as our social media mentor at 22 Minutes. Ross not only follows current trends and technologies in the ever-evolving social media landscape, he develops best practices within his own projects and continues to successfully interpret them for his clients.” – Terri M (Marketing Director)

Let's Work Together.