Six skills every digital marketer should have in their bag of tricks

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This is one thing you do online that cannot damage your brand. Well, unless you go around spamming people. But for the most part this is a risk free process that can drive your client tons of business. From keywords to link-building, a digital marketer needs to understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization. If you’re looking to touch up on your own SEO skills here are some links that will do the trick,


This is some of the oldest code you can find on the web. HTML has been around since the Dinosaurs and having a good understanding of its purpose and role will give you an edge over someone who doesn’t. With that said, you don’t have to be a full fledged programmer but at least know the difference between  a header and a heading.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click marketing is one of the biggest leeches in a marketing budget. It will suck the living life out of your budget if it isn’t conducted properly. It is essential to not only know how it works, but also how to analysis the data. The process itself is quite simple. The challenge is ensuring that the process yields results.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is far from dead. This marketing concept is still an effective way to drive sales and retain customers. Understanding the importance of a captivating subject line isn’t where this skill ends. A digital marketer should understand that a pretty email isn’t necessarily the best option. They must have a solid understanding of the best practices and at least know the difference between a good and bad campaign.

Social Media

Social Media has become the hottest thing on the market since square watermelons. Having an understanding of social media shouldn’t end at being able to recognize the most popular mediums and the difference between a page and group on facebook. The understanding must go deeper into a level of insight and comprehension of how individuals are interacting with one another online.

It is also important because if you don’t think your clients are googling you, guess again. Not only is it necessary to have a grasp of social media as a marketing tool but also on a personal branding level. People are googling their dates, friends, teachers and you can bet your bottom dollar theyre searching their suppliers and if you’re on a job-hunt, potential applicants.

Marketing Skills

Marketing 101 has become a lost art it seems in the marketing world. Tons of us are too busy trying to do the cool stuff that were getting away from the fundamental goals of marketing. The goal is quite simple, sell or persuade. Attempting to do something just because it’s cool doesn’t make sense from a marketing perspective. Every company in the world doesn’t have to be on twitter and Facebook. Some businesses have a business model perfect for social media and others do not. It’s not rocket science but it seems that many of us are forgetting this point.

Don’t tell a client to spend $15k on augmented reality when the concept itself hasn’t been embraced by a wide range of consumers. Come on people. Let’s remember marketing is about business more than it’s about art. The moment you lose sight of that, you lose sight of your job.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lucy Boynton

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