The Importance of an Admans Entourage

The Entourage

An entourage consists of an ad mans closest and loyal friends. These friendships are an important aspect in every ad mans life. The value can be seen through the individuals personal and professional development. Your entourage will have your back when its up against the wall and buy you a round of beer when you lose that two million dollar contract.

And yes, a girlfriend and family are great for showing you compassion and love. But an entourage offers you a group of individuals you can trust and lean on when even these people seem to be against you. Not only that, but these individuals will rub off on you in more ways than you can imagine.

For a good portion of your life, this group will consist of some your biggest supporters. Friends who will praise you when you’re doing well and let you know when you’ve screwed things up. There is no room for sugar coating the facts when it comes to this group. They should always offer you the best advice they can give and in return expect nothing less.

What makes a solid Entourage


You want an entourage that is solid and simply the best damn group of individuals you can find. You want individuals who are similar to you but not clones. Nothing is wrong with a diverse group of individuals, it will allow different perspectives and insight on life’s many challenges. A diverse group also provides enlightening conversations and gives opportunity to meet individuals you never would have before.


There are several things that are common in a solid entourage. One of the most important elements however, is this thing called loyalty. Typically, an entourage has two or more guys who have known each other from their high-school days. They’ve seen it all with one another. From their first hook-ups to their first born.Even if these guys don’t have as much in common as they once did, their commitment to one another can be considered forever.


Loyalty becomes a necessity within an entourage due to the fact that conversations have to be straight forward with one another and not sugar coat the truth. Often times in a close group of friends, things are said that result in heated conversations. My best advice is that If you cant handle the truth, you don’t want an entourage – you want a mother.


Your entourage should accept you for who you are and never expect you to change for their own benefit. And when someone in the group does in fact change, the group needs to accept it or walk away from the friendship entirely. Most often, this concept is simply a fact of life and better known as maturity. If the changes in an individual are detrimental to your development it is on you to remember you’re not stuck, friendship is a choice.


It is often seen in an entourage that some members become jealous of their friends success. Thus, they rebel against the group solely because of their own internal insecurities and turn the entourage against one another. This should not be present in your entourage and even with the slightest of jealousy, the group should make a conscious decision to handle it appropriately.

The support of an entourage needs to extend from a personal level to a professional level. When an individual is promoted, there should be a celebration. When an individual has a kid, there should be a celebration. Whenever a milestone takes place an ad mans entourage should be there to support him with a round of drinks or box of cigars (if none of these hold your interest, guys night out will do).

Finally, your entourage needs to bring the best out of you. But don’t take my word for it,

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”
– Henry Ford

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