The story of the one trick pony…


R.I.P. - One Trick Pony

In the early 1980s a circus owner went coast to coast with a dark haired pony and dusty brown german shepherd. The animals would play together throughout the day until it was time to get to work. During the show, the dog showed a variety of mindblowing tricks as the pony simply ran around the track. However, at the end of the show the pony would stand up on it’s back legs and hop from one side of the tent to the other while balancing a ball on its head. The crowd went wild.

Week after week.

State after state.

Crowds always burst into roars of amazement during the grande finale.

The next year, the circus master would hit the road again to amuse and entertain the masses. The dog would learn a few more tricks but the Pony would once again attempt to please the audience with it’s grand finale. The show would take place but instead of the crowd shrieking in excitement for the Grande Finale – a lack of enthusiasm graced the crowd.

You see, the crowd loved the Pony – but were slowly becoming tired of the trick. While the Ponies segment became less and less exhilarating, the dog continued to add value. The dog was constantly improving its act while the Pony was relying on its past successes.

Another year rolled around and this time the Grand Finale was boo’d in every single state. The dog was embraced and was truly a crowd pleaser. Kids would line up to pet the dog and feed him scraps. The Pony on the other hand was found eating hay and attracting flies.

After the last show the circus master realized the Pony cost more than the dog to feed and drew a much smaller crowd. In 24 hours the Pony was shot. The circus master bought another dog and created one a show that sold out for years.

Moral of the story – Don’t be a one trick pony. Improve, improve, improve. If you don’t someone will beat you at your own game or you’ll be axed.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ageless North Shore

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