What everybody ought to know about being the bad guy…

Tony Montana aka Scarface

Who said it was wrong to be the bad guy?

One of the most necessary steps in becoming a successful leader is making tough decisions. Often times, when you make these decisions, the end result leaves someone unhappy and upset. The ability to make these decisions without looking back is a skill that is often overlooked and is extremely underrated. It’s important because along your road to success you will be required to make several tough decisions and stand tall. There may be times when you have to decide who will lose their job or who must work over the holidays.

Too many people in the workforce are trying to make friends with colleagues instead of push for the best results. If you’re able to motivate your colleagues and inspire them to do better work through your leadership, you’ll gain their respect. The whole concept of being a cool boss is ridiculous and should be thrown out the window like a banana peel on the highway. You have to remember that you can’t keep everyone happy, so it’s best for you to just do what you think is right. Whether this makes you a bad guy or not isn’t your problem – It’s your reward.

Being the bad guy typically is a result of pushing the status quo or handling difficult situations very well. Some of the most successful people in the world are considered bad guys. In fact, I’d argue that the majority of successful people had to accept a bad guy role at least once along their way to success. I can hear your brain thinking; just because their successful doesn’t mean I should admire them. This is true. But let me start by saying being the bad guy isn’t about putting others down, sabotaging colleagues work and being an all around bad person. Those aren’t the reasons why we want to be called the bad guy.

You want to be called the bad guy because you’re unfazed by your position of leadership. You’re compassionate and show empathy but are not influenced or swayed by emotion. This is challenging but also essential to succeeding in business. Here are a few things you need to know when playing bad guy:

Everyday above ground is a good day:
Appreciate the fact that you’re alive to see all of the success and potential you currently have. There are people suffering all around the world and the fact that you’re able to do pretty much whatever you want shows how lucky you really are. Remember this and even on a bad day, you’ll be able to smile.

Be Rebellious:
Think about your industry long and hard… Is there something within the business model that is often criticized but never fixed? Take that, change it and make millions. At the same time, those who were once simply competitors will become enemies but that’s okay. You changed the industry.

Develop Confidence:
You need to develop a “swagger” that can be seen from fifty feet away. I can’t stress how important it is to have a confident attitude. No matter what someone says about you to your face or behind your back it blows right past you. You know your own worth and you let your actions speak for you.

Act like this your last shot:
Every time you’re about to make a decision think as if it’s the last decision you’ll ever make. Focus on the situation, step back and evaluate your surroundings. If you like what you see, jump. If you don’t like what you see, take a few minutes and repeat.

Don’t get high on your own supply:
Just because you’re doing great in business doesn’t mean you need to become addicted. This was Tony Montanas downfall, don’t let it be yours. Although it’s important to recognize your great work and enjoy the perks that come with your success you should never reach a point where you abuse your own work.

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