Sweaty Palms and a Few Years away from being Tiger Woods

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Cog Hill Golf - Ravines Course


As a kid I thought golf was a game for sissies. It was a game for the people who weren’t talented enough to play a “real sport” but had enough cash in their bank accounts to pay the green fees. I had the opportunity to watch the Tiger Woods era begin as well as most recently watch the era find its way into the bunker.

Still, the game didn’t interest me in the slightest.

Watching Tiger, Mike Weir, Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh win Masters with what looked like ease made the game look simple. It made the game look as if anyone could go out there aim the ball and hit AT LEAST par or birdie on every single hole. HA!…Did the world ever have news for me.

As I got closer and closer to graduation I quickly realized not only that golf was a solid game but also a past-time that is seen quite often in the business world. Yet, still knowing all of this I believed that I could go out on the course and hit at least par on every hole. This mindset stuck for a few good years until earlier this year when I was invited to a charity golf tournament.

First swing goes a few yards, maybe 150.. Feeling pretty confident.

Next swing sails straight into the bush.

So did the next one.

And the next one.

And I quickly learned that this game is not as easy as it looks. On top of that I learned that golf is a game that takes patience and finesse. After losing more than 45 balls on the course – I definitely knew it was time to spend a few hours with a golf pro and on the driving range. Finally I learned to never underestimate the difficulty of another persons craft without trying it. They’ve done it for years. That’s why they make it look easy.

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  • http://twitter.com/arissays Aris

    Oh, I do love golf, so can definitely relate to what you're saying. Well, other than possessing some kind of innate ability to putt well. The rest of golf to me is, as you describe, tricky.

    I hope your game improves. You'll get there one day, eventually. Just don't give up. Ever.

  • http://www.rosssimmonds.com/ TheCoolestCool

    Thanks for the kind words Aris.

    I definitely wont be giving up anytime soon. Maybe someday we'll cross paths on a course! Who knows, it could happen..

  • http://twitter.com/TheBrizz Brian Jones

    Last year, before his personal issues began to distract from his game (though I believe he'll be back next year), I heard someone say that Tiger Woods is actually the most underrated player on tour; that people don't realize just how good he really is. I'd like to take up golf, but not only is it an expensive hobby, but I also live in an area where you can't even think about golf for about five months of the year. If I lived in an area with year-round golf weather, I'd consider it more seriously.

  • http://www.rosssimmonds.com/ TheCoolestCool

    I think Tiger will be back. He's currently in a slump but who wouldn't be with all the drama going on in his life right now. There is no way he could be on his A-Game under the current circumstances… I agree with you though, it's an expensive hobby but definitely one worth picking up if you can justify it…

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